NBA 2K21 | Cyber Faces
Darius Garland [RKJ] - NBA 2K21

by RKJ

Darius Garland [rkj]
NBA 2K21 | Cyber Faces
Javale Mcgee - NBA 2K21

by RKJ

Javale Mcgee

NBA 2K21 | Cyber Faces
Jameer Nelson - NBA 2K21

by RKJ

Jameer Nelson
NBA 2K21 | Cyber Faces
Jusuf Nurkic - NBA 2K21

by RKJ

Jusuf Nurkic
NBA 2K21 | Tools
NBA 2K21 Hook 0. 0. 3 - Mods Tool - NBA 2K21

by looyh

Nba 2k21 Hook 0. 0. 3 - Mods Tool
NBA 2K21 | Cyber Faces
Dell Curry Cyber Face - NBA 2K21

by Mr.Star

Dell Curry Cyber Face
NBA 2K21 | Tools
NBA 2K21 PS4 Controller Buttons - PC - NBA 2K21

by Simonlee

Nba 2k21 Ps4 Controller Buttons - Pc
NBA 2K21 | Multimedia
NBA 2K21 HD Packshots - NBA 2K21

by 2K Sports

Nba 2k21 Hd Packshots

NBA 2K21

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NBA 2K21 - How to Import Mods

Looyh released the first tool that allows you to import mods to NBA 2K21. This hook tool works using a mods folder where you place the files from where they are read by the game. Check out the details and get the tool.

  POSTED ON September 05 |   NBA 2K21

Steam Users give NBA 2K21 Negative Reviews

NBA 2K21 has just been released and fans are really disgusted according to their first comments at Steam platform. In a few hours after its release, comments set the review rating to Very Negative.

  POSTED ON September 04 |   NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 MyTeam New Features Announced

2K Sports announced big changes regarding MyTeam game mode. A New Seasons System, as well as badges customization, are among the new features. Check them out. Also, a new trailer has been revealed to announce these new features.

  POSTED ON August 21 |   NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Current-Gen Demo Announced

2K announced that the Current-Gen Demo will be available on August 24th. They also unveiled a few gameplay details related to the Current-Gen version of the game. Check them out.

  POSTED ON August 14 |   NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 - First Look at Current-Gen Gameplay

2K Sports released a 1:30 minute clip featuring the First Look to Current-Gen Gameplay. Not a great deal, no real difference if you compare NBA 2K20.

  POSTED ON August 06 |   NBA 2K21

NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 Mods are not compatible

Shaujota reported that mods from NBA 2K20 are not compatible with NBA 2K21. Check out the details. Of course, yet there is no external plugin to import mods easily as you do in NBA 2K20, either.

NBA 2K21 No free upgrade to next-gen unless you get MAMBA Edition

NBA 2K21 comes to PS4 and Xbox One in September, and to PS5 and Xbox Series X for $10 more. Only players who get the Kobe Bryant special Mamba Forever Edition will get a free upgrade to the next-gen consoles. Not a good deal.

NBA 2K21 - Lillard and Zion announced as cover athletes

Yesterday 2K revealed that the Portland Trail Blazers star, Damian Lillard, will be the cover athlete for current-gen consoles and PC. Today 2K announced that Zion Williamson will be the cover athlete of NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

NBA 2K21 PS5 Trailer Revealed

2K Sports revealed that NBA 2K21 will come to PS5 this fall. In the announcement trailer we have seen the New Orleans Pelicans star, Zion Williamson, hitting triples and making spectacular dunks looking really brutal. Check it out.