NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 Mods are not compatible

  POSTED September 04, 2020

Shaujota reported that mods from NBA 2K20 are not compatible with NBA 2K21. Check out the details. Of course, yet there is no external plugin to import mods easily as you do in NBA 2K20, either.

If you import to 2K20 a face.iff file exported from 2k21 you will get an invisible player. Not good news at all since that means that at least cyber faces mods are not compatible at all and it won´t be easy to have 2K20 mods working on 2K21.

On the other hand, If you import a 2k21 png.iff with into a 2k20 face.iff file the model works almost perfectly. Good news, since we believe that, in the end, it could just be a files header problem and it could be easily fixed. Of could, it would require then to adapt models from 20 to 21. 

Here the preview of a 2K21 png.iff imported int a 2K20 face ( thanks to Shaujota )

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