New Packs added to FUT 23 Code

New Packs have been added to the store. 2 of them include Future Swaps Tokens.


2 New Future Stars Swaps Tokens Released

2 New Future Swaps Tokens have been released.


Marquee Matchups SBC

Complete challenges themed around this week's key matchups. Earn a bonus Future Stars Token from the 1st challenge.


Future Stars Players Revealed

@FUTSheriff has revealed Future Stars TEAM 1 players. This promo will begin next Friday.


Future Stars Academy Player Revealed

The first Future Stars Academy player has been revealed. This concept, previously present in FUT 22 will be back in FUT 23.

Steam Users give NBA 2K21 Negative Reviews

  POSTED September 04, 2020 |   VIEWS 6375

NBA 2K21 has just been released and fans are really disgusted according to their first comments at Steam platform. In a few hours after its release, comments set the review rating to Very Negative.

Only 15% of the comments have been positive. 

Many of the negative comments focus on the fact that not many changes are noticed if you compare the game with NBA 2K20

Well, the game is OK, but basically it is the same game as the previous one. When playing the play now mode, it is hard to see any difference except the shot-meter. Animations are the same, player movement - same, even the menu is the same. I couldn't find any improvement in MyLeague game mode. I don't think it is a terrible game, but you can't charge 60 Eur for a game, that is 98% the same as the old one.

I never have seen so much lack of effort from 2k in 10 years. Even though they didn't forget to change the game icon this year, it's way a worst a copy/paste than 2k20. It feels like the exact same game. No notable new animation, almost nonexistent UI upgrade, poor addition/correction for the all time line ups, and current roster.

There is very little difference from 2k20. The only difference is the shot meter... Feels exactly the same. They're not even trying anymore, what a joke.

This game is literally THE SAME as 2k20. They didn't even bother to change the animations, cutscenes, and player models.

Other comments are even more critical and state that the gameplay has suffered a downgrade compared to NBA 2K20 one.

A complete downgrade in every way to 2K20 ... AI is somehow worse. The shot stick doesn't work, how did this make it past the alpha? The meter only works when using the x button. While on shooting, no one can make their shots in the hall of fame difficulty, not even the AI. The pick and roll system is broken, it just straight up doesn't work, the AI is literally too dumb. They either can't choose which side to screen or they set a screen and just stand there...doing nothing.

Not to mention, that others seem really annoyed by new game features.

The shot meter is a deal-breaker, the game is literally unplayable.

It seems that the sports gaming community is facing the same dilemma year after year. Is it worth to buy a new game, with not too many changes in terms of gameplay or graphics, that looks more like a Season Update than a new game?

Probably Konami has been the only sincere this year. They announced a Season Update instead of releasing a new game. Do you notice any difference between FIFA 17 and 20? The same engine, the same game, the same errors for 4 years that cost you at least 200 USD if you bought them all. 

Publishers should really rethink if this nonsense should continue. Paying 50, 60, or even more for almost the same game every year seems something the sports gaming community won´t support anymore.  


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