Team of the Week 20 Prediction

This is our TOTW 20 prediction. Varane, Varane, and Varane. Everybody expects to pull his red card. But also Di María, Depay, Neuer could make this TOTW an interesting one. And Gundogan? And Bruno? Check out our prediction.

  POSTED ON February 08 |   FIFA 21

Pedro Goncalves Future Star SBC

Pedro Goncalves Future Star is available. You can pick between 2 versions, center midfielder and right-wing. 2 squads required. Check out requirements, possible solutions and review.

  POSTED ON February 08 |   FIFA 21

Headliners Tracker - Update

Toko-Ekambi and Diego Carlos will get the upgrade after 4 wins!  Upamecano back on track with 2 wins. Bruno back to the start. Check out this Headliners Tracker to find out their chances to get a boost. We will be updating this tracker as soon as new matches are played and the situation change, so be sure to bookmark this post.

  POSTED ON February 06 |   FIFA 21

Future Stars First Team Revealed

The Future Stars Team 1 has been revealed. Some of the players we have predicted in our Twitter account are present in this team. Check out players, stats, and prices.

  POSTED ON February 05 |   FIFA 21

Bruno Guimaraes Future Stars SBC

Bruno Guimaraes Future Stars SBC is available. You can pick between two versions of the player. It requires 2 squads. Check out requirements, price, and review.

  POSTED ON February 05 |   FIFA 21

Tonali Moments Objective

A new Moments Players is released. This time is Tonali Moments, recognizing his long-range freekick vs Genoa. In fact, he is an under-23, that got a Future Stars card in FIFA 20 so he was not eligible in FIFA 21.

En-Nesyri La Liga Player of the Month SBC

En-Nesyri has been voted La Liga Player of the Month. His SBC is available. Only 1 squad required. Easy to complete. Check it out!.

Future Stars Promo Latest News

Future Stars Promo is coming this Friday. EA revealed a few clues about some of the players that could be included. The official card has been also revealed ( available in our drive ). Unfortunately, it seems there is no good news about Future Stars Academy Objectives.

FUT 21 TOTW 19 - Team of the Week

Team of the Week 19 has been announced. Many of the players we have predicted and some surprises. Let´s check out stats and prices.

Future Stars Promo coming this Friday

Future Stars Promo has been announced and it will be starting this Friday. Check out what we can expect and which players could be included in this Promo.

Rooney End of an Era SBC

As we predicted in our Twitter account the first End of an Era SBC is for Wayne Rooney. 3 squads required and a price of about 380 K. Check it out!.

Team of the Week 19 Prediction

This is our Team of the Week 19 prediction. Salah is the star of a Team of the Week that´s not great but if EA decides could be interesting. Check it out.

Sabitzer TOTY Honourable Mention SBC

No, it´s not Müller. It´s Sabitzer. According to the price of this SBC, it seems Sabitzer has become an Icon or something like that. Anyway if you still want to try this SBC here are the requirements.

First Man of the Match Cards present in packs

As we already predicted, "Domestic Man of the Match" cards have been added to packs this Saturday. Many of the cards released were among those ones we predicted a few days ago. Check them out.

Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback SBC

Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback? Yes, a Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his first years in Premier League playing for Manchester United is available through and SBC. 3 squads required. Check out requirements, price, and review.

Grealish TOTY Honourable Mention Objective

Jack Grealish got awarded a TOTY Honourable Mention item. It is available through objectives. You have to complete them in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters.

TOTY Honourable Mentions now in packs

EA decided to give 6 players a TOTY Honourable Mention item. Players are Mané, Marquinhos, Immobile, Robertson, Navas and Fekir.

FUT 21 TOTW 18 - Team of the Week

As we predicted yesterday Neymar is in! Also De Jong, Benzemá, and Pope among the most interesting ones. Check out the team and prices.

La Liga Player of the Month Nominees Announced

La Liga Player of the Month Award Nominees has been announced. Suarez, De Jong, Kroos among the contenders, Check out the details.

Could Neymar be present in next TOTW?

Neymar is not present in FIFA 21 Team of the Year. But could he somehow be part of this promo? Find out why we believe we could have good news this Wednesday.

TOTY Fans Choice

Messi, Son, and Thiago are the 3 contenders to become the 12th TOTY player. You will have to pick one of them from the player pick EA will grant you.

TOTY Defenders now available in Packs

Defenders and Neuer are available in Packs until Thursday at 6 pm UK Time. Ramos, Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold, and Davies are the 4 in the back. Check out their stats and prices.

Boateng Moments SBC

Earn a Player Moments Jérôme Boateng celebrating his defensive performance v RB Salzburg in UCL 20/21. 3 squads required and a price of around 250 K.

Team of the Week 18 Prediction

This is our Team of the Week 18 Prediction. It all depends on EA choices but there are many good contenders for the same position. So let´s find out which players could make it into the next Team of The Week.

Top 5 Leagues Upgrades SBCs

Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. All 5 top leagues have upgrade SBCs available. For all them there regular and premium upgrades. Check out requirements and tips.

Domestic Man of the Match Cards

In previous FIFA games, these in form cards were awarded to FUT players that perform well in domestic cup matches. Currently, they are present in FIFA 21, and probably from this Saturday, they will be present in packs since they have just been enabled in FIFA 21 code.

Dybala Moments SBC

Another special Moments card. This one awarded to Paulo Dybala, celebrating his superb assist combination for a brilliant goal in Coppa Italia 19/20. Check out requirements and review.