Chiellini Flashback SBC

EA released a Flashback Giorgio Chiellini celebrating his debut season with Juventus in the Serie A 05/06. 3 squads are required and a total price of around 120K.


3 new players join the Signature Signings Promo

3 new players were added to the Signature Signings promo. Rubén Días, Édouard Mendy and Marcos Llorente. Check them out.


Leagues 81+ Double Upgrade SBCs

5 top leagues have 81+ Double Upgrade SBCs available for a few days. Check out requirements and which league SBC is the one that can provide better players.


Best of TOTW Team 2 Now in Packs

Best of TOTW Team 2 is now in packs until November 30. Check out players and current prices.


Gelson Martins Signature Signings SBC

Gelson Martins received a new Signature Signings item. It´s available through and SBC and the cost is around 180K. Check requirements, solutions and review.

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Jersey Editor V 1.0

AUTHOR jor1980 | December 16 2009 | 20490 hits
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Jersey Editor V 1.0


If you want to change the positions of numbers and names you only have to move the trackbars.

The program remembers the last position of the trackbars when you start it.

To add short number you must check the ShortNumber checkbox.

To insert new numbers or fonts you have to insert them as indexed(256 colors) with transparency .png file.

To insert other textures you must insert them with the same format and mipmaps as the original except if the original is a .bmp file, in that case you don´t need to create mipmaps.

To save textures you only have to click over the picture

To insert new textures dragdrop over the picture

It is VERY IMPORTANT that if you create new numbers or fonts they were in the SAME POSITION of the texture as the original ones.

To avoid problems with the colors i recommend you create the textures from a new file.

You can´t use a perfect white(255,255,255) because it is setted as the transparent color,so if you want to use a white color on your numbers or fonts you can use all non perfect whites, for example(255,254,255). 

In the program folder there are a phtoshop action file(2k.atn), with these actions you can create the green textures easily, to make it play the action 2kgreen and you will obtain the green texture if the result is not all green check the red channel and blue channel and paint both on all black

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NBA 2K10 is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It was released on October 6, 2009 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP and on October 12, 2009 on PC. Kobe Bryant is the cover athlete of the game.


- *NBA Today - Real world matchups, news and stats are automatically streamed right into the game.
- *My Player Mode - Players can create their own basketball player and guide him through his career. Starting as a drafted or undrafted rookie in the Summer Circuit, players will have to work their way up into an NBA team\'s training camp, or in the D-League.
- *Signature Play - New signature player styles, tendencies, dribble packages, dunk packages, and facial expressions.
- *Reworked Gameplay - New easy-to-use dribbling and post game controls. New stamina system.
- *Deeper Association - The Association now incorporates the NBA Development League, the ability to control all 30 NBA teams at once, restricted free agency, real-time practice, an all-new player progression system, and a host of other enhancements.
- *Shut Down D - Shut down teams with new defensive controls that allow you to shadow your opponent\'s every move, deny position off-ball, and even select how you want to contest shots.
- *Improved Create-A-Player Mode - Players can now customize their player's facial styles, tattoos, and shoes. Also included are new dunk packages, dribble packages, signature leaners, floaters and post moves.
- *Save & Quit Current Game - A new gameplay feature that allows you to save a game right where you are and come back to it later to the point where you saved it.

Download Jersey Editor V 1.0. This is a mod for NBA 2K10 video game.

IMPORTANT : This mod was created to be used only with a legal copy of the game.