Premier League December Player of the Month Nominees Announced

Premier League December Player of the Month Nominees have been announced. Rashford, Bruno, Salah, Stones, among others. Check them out.

1. Rashford

5 goals and 2 assists. During December he got not only his second In-Form but also a Team of the Group Stage item.

2. Salah

6 goals and 2 assists. During December he got his first In-Form. During December he got his Road to the Final card. 

3. Bruno Fernandes

3 goals and 4 assists. Player the Month in November, he comes for more in December. During December he got a Team of the Group Stage card.

4. Stones

He had a great month with solid performances in November but he got no In-Forms yet. He recently was awarded a Moments card.  

5. Soucek

3 goals. Playing really well recently. He was denied an In-Form this season until this week when he made it into the Team of the Week 15.

6.Ben Mee

He scored on December 29th and got the In-Form the first week of January in the latest Team of the Week 15.

7. El Ghazi

5 matches, 5 goals ... but no In-Form. 

8. Martinez

5 matches, 5  clean sheets, and 22 saves. Solid performances for the Argentinian goalkeeper. He got an In-Form recently. 


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