shadow_boy32 | December 25 2022 | 2048 hits

I am happy to present BIG CLASSIC PATCH FOR FIFA 23.




  • 4121 players created – List on the link:

  •  939 Real Classic Faces – List on the next link:

  • Real Classic Managers for 122 teams + 10 in National teams patch = 132 in total – List on the next link:

* NOTE: You can play with all these managers as real manager in Career Mode

  • 68 New Classic National teams in National Teams patch + 32 updated/new in Career Edition Patch v1 + 31 updated/new in Career Edition Patch v2 – list on the following link:


  • Introduced All Time World Cup Tournament - you can choose from the following teams: Argentina All-Time, Austria All-Time, Belgium All-Time, Brazil All-Time, Cameroon All-Time, Chile All-Time, Colombia All-Time, Croatia All-Time, Czech Rep. All-Time, Denmark All-Time, England All-Time, France All-Time, Germany All-Time, Ghana All-Time, Holland All-Time, Hungary All-Time, Ireland All-Time, Italy All-Time, Mexico All-Time, Morocco All-Time, Norway All-Time, Poland All-Time, Portugal All-Time, Romania All-Time, Russia All-Time, S. Korea All-Time, Scotland All-Time, Serbia All-Time, Spain All-Time, Sweden All-Time, Turkey All-Time, Ukraine All-Time, Uruguay All-Time, USA All-Time and Wales All-Time and create the groups of ALL TIME TEAMS WC as your wish.
  • Introduced Classic World Cup Tournament – you can choose from the following teams: 1930 Uruguay, 1954 Hungary, 1962 Brazil, 1966 England, 1970 Brazil, 1974 Netherlands, 1974 West Germany, 1982 Italy, 1986 Argentina, 1994 Brazil, 1994 Italy, 1994 Romania, 1998 Brazil, 1998 France, 2002 Brazil, 2002 Germany, 2002 Turkey, 2006 Germany, 2006 Italy, 2006 Portugal, 2010 France, 2010 Germany, 2010 Italy, 2010 Netherlands, 2010 Spain, 2010 Uruguay, 2014 Argentina, 2014 Brazil, 2014 Germany, 2014 Netherlands, 2018 Belgium, 2018 Croatia, 2018 France
  • Both tournaments are playable in the new ADD-ON of FIFA 23, World Cup 22 Mod. You can play with all this team in the regular FIFA also.
  • FIFA 23 teams from WC 2022 are still in the game so if you want to make a mix between classic and actual teams, you can do it. 





  • Added 8 new national teams – Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Turkey and Uruguay – With ALL CLASSIC FEATURES.

Other National Teams with FULL classic features are Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Romania and Spain. All the national teams have 100 % of classic players, for the future versions left to be added classic kits.


  • Classic menu with all logos replaced with actual and classic players, pictures with all great moments of history of football (main menu, kick off, career mode, etc, background)
  • Classic Kits for all the mentioned teams (131 teams in total)
  • Real Logos, names, banners, flags for the fake teams: Atalanta, Lazio, Napoli and Rome
  • Unlocked all hidden balls - You have WC 2002, WC 2006, WC 2010 and WC 2014 that you can play with
  • Unlocked all hidden clothes and boots (you can use them in manager mode also)
  • Mini-faces for all the created players and for the ones with no mini-face
  • Removed fake players from Brazil National team and other identified teams
  • All players are 20 years old so you can play with them all 15 years of career mode
  • Real Flags and Banners for about 100 teams
  • Classic Tifos for more than 40 teams
  • The patch is compatible with all languages.





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