96 Chicago Bulls for NBA 2K10

  POSTED January 26, 2010

Fantastic mod by KEN-FLY for NBA 2K10. This one includes the 96 Chicago Bulls for NBA 2K10. It includes complete 15 playes ,shoes,coach Phil Jackson,Jerseys,Mascot and MJ's Kneepad ! Play with Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc !

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Name: 96's Chicago Bulls
Version: Final version
Requirements: Original Nba2k10 game
Roster by acecheng,az1989az
Shoes patch by xiaoju
Player's IFF by ken-fly

This mod allows you to play 96's Chicago Bulls in nba2k10.

You can find the team in front of 76ers.

This mod contains complete 15-man team,shoes,coach Phil Jackson,Jerseys,Mascot and MJ's Kneepad

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Drag the IFFs what you want into your nba2k10 folder.
3. You can only choose one of the Acecheng's TMM&Coach's IFF and Az1989az's TMM&Coach's IFF.Drag the TMM into your save Saves folder.You may want to back up your IFFs.This is a good idea.
4. Start game, load Team 96's bulls A.TMM or Team 96's bulls B.TMM

Known Issues or Bugs
1.13 Players don't have head portrait.
2.coach's name is not Phil Jackson.
3.MJ's Kneepad will have affected other players with the same skin.

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