FIFA 21 Next-Gen Gameplay

  POSTED December 03, 2020

@MattHDGamer bring the first FIFA 21 Next-Gen Gameplay. A new camera angle, new cinematics, and better graphics ( at least for consoles ). Check out this video featuring a match between Liverpool and PSG.

  FIFA 21 Next-Gen Gameplay

In this screenshot, you can check the graphics improvement and how Ronaldinho looks like in Next-Gen.

This is a comparison between Next-Gen and PC Current-Gen in Ultra Settings

For those that play on PC, you probably won´t find great differences. In the video, around minute 4, you will be able to check out some close ups. The only differences are better cinematics, but graphics are not impressive for PC gamers. 

About the gameplay, it seems that it´s exactly the same game. To be honest, we don´t think that EA has any intention to change it. It works for them and to see something different probably they will have to rework the game completely and surely change the engine. 

We have to wait for the next years to see if they really are able to take any advantage of the new generation. 


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