PES 2010: Leagues server coming soon

  POSTED December 10, 2009

Another great MW Labs achievement is on the road. I have been working on this for a while, and thanks to Juce's indispensable help it's actually coming true... Soon you'll find an easy way to categories all your new teams made by Teams Manager with a simple kitserver module which will make leagues editing and addition as easy as editing a... txt! Stay tuned on ModdingWay for more news about this soon.

For now, you may only see a simple screenshot of a relinked league. I know it's not pretty impressive, but i didn't have time to make a video with all the new leagues, yet, but i promise something more interesting will come soon to make a little preview of league's server (probably a video demo).

Keep in mind that this module will only work on teams select (for all modes) and won't add new leagues for Master League competitions yet. We do intend to keep investigating the potential of this work, as deep as it can gets, and who knows if sometime we will achieve something on Master League...

I would like to make clear that this wouldn't be true without Juce's help. Leagues' module is mostly a cooperative work and shouldn't be considered as an independent project, but mostly as part of kitserver and a simple contribution to Juce's amazing work until now... Thanks once again, mate! Responsive image

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