FIP x ModdingWay - FIFA 14 Mod News

  POSTED August 31, 2020

We have been chatting with Harry ( FIP 14 Mod developer ) and we have agreed on the first steps in order to develop the upcoming 14 featuring Mod. Check out the details.

ModdingWay will develop some extra tools, totally compatible with present FIP tools, in order to provide more customization possibilities. For instance to be able to change players' accessories, select different turfs, presentations, layouts, soundtracks, or intro cameras.

Intro cameras? Yes, we will develop new intro cameras like the ones you enjoyed in FIFA 14 World Cup Mod. With this partnership between FIFA Infinity and ModdingWay, Ariel will have more time to develop new intro cameras and you will be able to select them from one of the tools available.

The same leagues included in current FIP 14 will be included in the new season mod. If we decide to add another league ( for instance Indian League ) we will release an addon in order to play with that league and it will totally compatible with the main mod.

There will be an All In One version and you will have the option to download an addon including multiple stadiums that Harry is already assigning to the proper teams.

Stay stunned because there will be more news coming in the next days.

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