3 new Black Friday SBC Available

3 new SBC have been released. Probably the last ones of the Black Friday Promo. 82+ Player Pick, 82+ Player Guaranteed, and 81 - 87 upgrade. Check out requirements and what we got in them. These SBCs will be available for 2 days.


Team of the Week 10 Prediction

This is our prediction for the upcoming Team of the Week 10. De Bruyne, Coman, Grizmann among the best players. Check Mahrez situation regarding next TOTW and why we have picked these players.


Memphis Depay Moments SBC

This SBC celebrates Memphis Depay's long-range goal vs Toulouse FC in the 16-17 season. 4 days to complete this SBC. It requires an 86 squad + TOTW.


5 New Record Breakers Players Available

5 new items have been released. 5 Record Breakers cards have been awarded to Van Dijk, Vela, Fábregas, Donnarumma and Vardy. Check them out.


More Next-Gen Game Footage Revealed

New footage from Next-Gen FIFA 21 has been revealed featuring players arriving at the stadium, walking out of the tunnel, and new cameras during celebrations. Check them out.

Import a Face to an already started Career

  POSTED August 26 |   VIEWS 8226

This video tutorial will help you to import a face to an already started Career in FIFA 20. This time we will be importing Mason Greenwood face by Wi Chan Woo. Check it out.

  Import a Face to an already started Career

It´s not too difficult. This is what you need if you want to easily import a new face to an already started career in FIFA 20.

Stuff Needed

a) Frosty Mod Manager 
This tool will help to import the face mod

b) Cheat Engine 7.1
This tool is needed to make FIFA 20 Live Editor Work

c) FIFA 20 Live Editor
This tool will allow you to link the face you have imported to the player

d) Mason Greenwood Face by Win Chan Woo

Of course, you need to install Frosty Mod Manager, with Cheat Engine and FIFA 20 Live Editor. We won´t cover that in order to not make this tutorial too long. It´s not difficult to install them. It won´t take more than 4 minutes. Refer to tools tutorials.

First, we start opening Frosty Mod Manager and import Greenwood face mod. After that, we will launch FIFA 20 from Frosty Mod Manager. We load the Career where we will import Greenwood Face. Once the Career is loaded we open the FIFA 20 Live Editor. We wait to load that and we go to Players tab.

In there we search for a player with ID 246147 ( Greenwood ). Then we select the Appearance tab, and we set :

  • Has High-Quality Head: Yes
  • Head Class Code: 1
  • Head Asset ID: 229348

Then we click on Apply Changes

Why do we set 229348 as Head Asset ID?

  • The reason is that in FIFA 20 we can´t add new faces without replacing others. So, in this case, we will be replacing Antonee Robinson's face which id is 229348. So we need to give Antonee Robinson a new generic face to replace his real face.

So we proceed like this

We search for a player with ID 229348 ( Robinson ). Then we select the Appearance tab, and we set :

  • Has High-Quality Head: No
  • Head Class Code: 0

Then we click on Apply Changes. We have given Robinson a generic face.

Finally, save your Career and from now on Greenwood will have the face you have assigned to him.

Of course, next time you start FIFA 20 you will have to do it using Frosty Mod Manager, but you won´t need FIFA 20 Live Editor anymore.


Papu Gomez and more faces for FIFA 20

Amiorinski, one of the best modder, has released some incredible faces for FIFA 20. Papu Gomez, Takefusa Kubo, Jules Koundé, and Sandro Tonali. Importing them with Frosty Editor is really easy. Soon we will provide a tutorial to help you to import FIFA 20 Faces according to your needs.

AdioszPL Boots Pack 4.3 Released

AdioszPL has updated his FIFA 20 Boots Pack to Version 4. 3 including some Nike, Adidas, and Puma boots. Check them out in this trailer. You just need Frosty Mod Manager to install this mod.

European Expansion Patch 2.0 Season 20-21

Slim & RBS released the European Expansion Patch 2. 0 for FIFA 20. This version is fully compatible with the latest FIFA 20 Official Patch released by EA a few days ago. So, update your game and enjoy this great mod that includes almost all 20 / 21 European transfers.

FIFA 20 Official Update Released On PC

EA released a new update for FIFA 20. This has been announced by FIFA Direct Communication Twitter Account. Not too many changes really. In fact, changes are only related to FUT, but this is enough to probably mess mods you have installed.

Ecuadorian League Mod for FIFA 20 - Update

Marlon Ríos released the Ecuadorian League Mod for FIFA 20. The only patch that brings Liga Pro to the Game. Play with your favorite Ecuadorian team to conquer Ecuador, America or the world. Check out the trailer and screenshots.

Southamerican Kits for FIFA 16-20

Thanks to Pedro10DO7 we can enjoy these great Southamerican clubs kits for FIFA ( FIFA 16 to FIFA 20 ). Atlético Mineiro, Fluminense, Corinthians, Flamengo from Brazil. Also Cerro Largo, Deportivo Maldonado and Montevideo Torque (Manchester City linked club in Uruguay).