Career Mode vs FUT - Which one is the most popular?

  POSTED August 18, 2020

In recent days EA released two trailers to promote FIFA 21. One related to FUT and another, for the first time in 5 years, about Career mode. Which of the two has had more views?

This is the official FUT Trailer. On Youtube, the video had 1.4 Million views.

Someone will say, "that's when the problem started". The truth is that FIFA improved significantly, most graphically, and the extraordinary income from the sales of FIFA Points allowed EA to incorporate licenses that improved the experience.

At the same time that FUT grew, two problems became noticeable. The first is that the gameplay was turning towards a more arcade-style and the second is that the other modes of the game began to be left aside, especially the career one.

The last time EA released a trailer on career mode was prior to FIFA 16. 5 years passed before EA became interested in the mode again and released trailer, announcing new features such as the new match simulation system.

The release of the FIFA 21 career mode trailer, marks an incredible record with 1.7 million views, 300 thousand more than the FUT one, supposedly the mode that is now considered the most popular in the game.

This also comes at a time when lawsuits against EA begin to fall, first for the microtransaction policy and then for the addiction that the game mode could induce.

Are FIFA players showing EA that they should take care more of Career Mode ( as well as Pro Clubs Mods ) instead of just focusing on FUT features? These numbers would appear to be showing EA that perhaps the path should change slightly and that the arcade approach to the game should not be as exaggerated as it has been.

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