FIFA 21 Career Mode Interactive Match Simulator

  POSTED August 13, 2020

Interactive Match Sim is a new way to experience matches in Career Mode. Interactive Match Sim enables managers to adopt a more tactical and faster-pace approach to matches, making all-important decisions from the touchline and watching their impact on the pitch from a top-down view.

In the Interactive Match Sim, the match plays out at twice the speed of regular gameplay. Out of play match moments are automatically skipped, ensuring that you’re always looking at meaningful events.

The Interactive Match Sim allows you to jump straight into action at any given moment, giving you a traditional gameplay experience.

  Interactive Match Simulation

You can intervene when your team goes down, or jump in whenever your team is within shooting range. You can also jump back out of gameplay and watch the rest of the gameplay out in Interactive Match Sim or skip straight to the final result at any time.


Whenever you’re inside the Interactive Match Sim, you see the players attempt to implement your Game Plans and have all the tools needed to reorganize them on the fly if needed. You can interact with Team Management, change Game Plans, and monitor your team’s and your opponent’s information in real-time. The following tabs are available:

  • Fitness - gives you an idea of which players might run out of Stamina first.
  • Player Ratings - summarizes which players are performing well and which players are struggling.
  • Match Stats - provides an instant snapshot of both teams’ performance.
  • Game Plan - shows the systems the teams have adopted on the field.

The Interactive Match Sim also features audio commentary and stadium atmosphere throughout the match.

  Interactive Match Simulation

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