Alessandrini Flashback SBC

Look who´s back? Alessandrini flashback SBC has been released. It requires an 85 squad and a TOTW player.


Leagues Upgrades are back

As we already posted a few days ago, the code included League Upgrades that have been finally revealed this Black Friday Promo. Regular upgrade or 81+ upgrades are available. Check out the requirements.


+83 Double Upgrade SBC

A double 83+ Upgrade SBC has been released and it will last 24 hours. Check out the requirements.


Sergio Agüero Flashback SBC

Sergio Aguero Flashback. It sounds good, but his flashback looks more like a Rule Breaker, with lower shooting stats but faster. Check out the details.


Rodrygo Record Breaker Objective

A new objective is available. It´s Rodrygo Record Breaker. An 83 La Liga RW that you can get by completing objectives in Managerial Masterpiece Friendlies. Check it out.

Madden NFL 19 - How to import mods

  POSTED September 10 |   VIEWS 12153

This year Madden NFL 19 has been released for PC and thanks to Frosty Manager and Frosty Editor we can import mods to the game. Check out this tutorial and import our first mod. Tom Brady / Patriots splash screen. Feel free to ask for other players and teams.

  Madden NFL 19 - How to import mods

This video tutorial shows how to apply mods to Madden NFL 19 using Frosty Editor.

1) Unpack Frosty Manager to any folder you prefer

2) Unpack Tom Brady Splash Screen mod

3) Run Frosty Editor ( as admin )

4) Frosty Editor asks you for Madden NFL 19 exe ( present in Madden NFL 19 main folder ) browse to it and click

5) Click on import mod and browse for the folder where you placed Tom Brady mod. Click on TomBradyPatriots.fbmod

6) After you imported it, apply mod.

7) Launch game from Frosty Manager.

8) Frosty Manager will build necessary folders ( only once )


Files you need

DOWNLOAD Frosty Manager

DOWNLOAD Tom Brady Splash Screen


NCCA Mod - Work in Progress

Operation Sports Madden Community is working on an NCAA Mod for Madden NFL 19. With the return of Madden Series to PC, modders revived their dream to have NCAA season back in Madden. Using Frosty Editor they will try to make that dream come true. Check out the first screenshots and trailer.

Madden NFL 2019 coming to PC

Madden 19 was confirmed for PC as part of the new Origin Access Premiere subscription package. This marks the first Madden title on PC in over a decade. No more details about PC version but you can enjoy the first trailer.