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FIFA 21 Gameplay Change : Team Press

EA changed the way "Team Press" works. No more Constant Pressure but a temporary Auto Press on-demand with a timer that prevents abuse of this tactic. Good news.


FIFA 21 Gameplay Feature : Manual Headers

In FIFA 20, EA made the decision to make heading less effective ( a complete disaster ), resulting in fewer goals being scored from headers. In FIFA 21, to improve the viability of scoring with headers, while keeping a skill gap in the game, they are introducing Manual Heading.


FIFA 21 Gameplay Feature : Creative Runs

In FIFA 21, EA is trying that you have more control over how your attacking AI players move. With Creative Runs, they included new options to influence how your AI teammates move off the ball, providing more creative ways to break down your opponent’s defense.


FIFA 21 Gameplay Feature : Smoother Encounters

To promote a smoother game flow in FIFA 21, EA created new animation systems and combined them to better decide how players interact physically with each other. This will reduce the number of chaotic situations in the game.


FIFA 21 Positioning Awareness Trailer

EA reports they are focusing on adding deeper AI Player Personality in positioning, both offensively and defensively, to ensure that the ability of football’s greatest players on the virtual pitch matches up to their real-world counterparts.

NBA 2K20 - How to Install Mods

  POSTED June 18 |   VIEWS 2821

To install mods you just need NBA 2K20 version of the external file plugin. This plugin allows you to easily install NBA 2K20 mods. Check out how to setup this tool. Get if from our Download Center and enjoy NBA 2K20 mods. 

How to Install NBA 2K20 External File Plugin?


  • First, unpack NBA 2K20 External File Plugin rar to your NBA 2K20 main folder
  • So you will have a new folder available in your NBA 2K20 main folder: waigua

Responsive image

That´s all you need, now let´s install your first mod for the game.

How to install a mod?

Let´s start with NBA 2K20 Staples Center Update


  • Unpack the rar file and place s015.iff  and f015.iff in NBA 2K20 / waigua folder
  • So you will have something like this

Responsive image

Ready! Your mod is installed and ready to enjoy it!



2K unveil NBA 2K21 Loading Screen

Yes, it does not seem too much and 2K is not providing too much information in relation to the game, but today it presented at least the NBA 2K21 loading screen.

MSG Scoreboard for NBA 2K20

Easy to install and enjoy in your NBA 2K20. Check out this MSG ( Madison Square Garden ) Network scoreboard and watermark made ernel2014 for NBA 2K20.