Pro Cycling Manager 2017 New Screenshots

  POSTED May 11, 2017

Here new screenshots from Pro Cycling Manager 2017.  In Pro Cycling Manager 2017, become the sports manager of a professional cycling team and travel the world to take part in over 200 cycling events and 500 events in a great 2017 season during which every single decision matters. 

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An exceptional season featuring brand new routes and marked by an unprecedented 2017 Tour (from Düsseldorf to the Champs-Elysées, from Belgium to Marseille)
Organize your team in a paceline at any time during the race and in any order you wish, to protect your cyclists and keep them in the best possible conditions when approaching an important moment.
Your opponents analyze each cyclist's potential, and make race decisions based on the stage of the day, as well on long-term goals.
The cyclists’ speeds and your effort management are more realistic thanks to improved handling of different elevations during stages.
In Career Mode, set up personalized and adapted preparations for each cyclist in order for them to benefit from performance bonuses throughout the competition.
In Pro Cyclist Mode, you can now allocate different goals depending on what role the sports manager assigned to you. Outperform yourself to progress faster!
Create clans and meet the members of the community to organize your competitions, chat and compare your results.
Control one of the official professional teams (3 divisions), recruit and manage your cyclists as well as your staff, manage the calendar and training programs, and make the best decisions during the race. Germany, Pyrenees, Alps, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Italy, Qatar - you’ll travel a lot during the 2017 season of Pro Cycling Manager. This year again, in addition to road races, engage in intense track events, like Keirin or point races.
New routes, richer production, smoother in-race cameras and at the start of the stage, new backgrounds and more varied and detailed sceneries. Everything is in place to make the varied routes around the world shine, starting with the Tour de France 2017’s 3,500 kilometers and famous stops (Düsseldorf, Luxembourg, Champs-Elysées, and more).
In-race, clearer and more precise contextualized tooltips will display essential information to let you make the best decisions. For instance, during a breakaway, you now have access to an involvement indicator for each one of your teammates. This will show the rhythm and the necessary statistics to help you choose which strategy to follow. Lastly, this year’s effort management is particularly important. The calibration of your cyclists’ speed and effort management has improved thanks to improved handling of the stages’ topography.
Whether it is a Classic or a Grand Tour spanning over several weeks, always monitor your cyclists’ shape and proper recovery. Check their shape prior to starting races to evaluate their potential for the coming stages or their ability to handle several Grand Tours in a row. Come up with a personalized training program for each cyclist so they can benefit from performance bonuses when they reach optimal fitness.
You’re a sports manager leading a team of professional cyclists and you can decide to manage the destiny of a Continental, Pro Continental or World Tour team. Create and customize your team, recruit cyclists, pick the members of your staff and improve your formation thanks to adapted training sessions leading to good race performance. Another central element for a team: the sponsor. Depending on the race, the sponsor will give you specific objectives to achieve, such as a good general ranking, a leader jersey or some stage victories. This makes it crucial to align a solid, unified team in top form to reach these goals. But remember, the season is long, and there are a lot of objectives.
Send your recruiters around the world to look for rising stars in the cycling world. Hire trainers specialized in particular areas that your riders could benefit from during specific training sessions. Lastly, make sure to have the best medical staff by your side to allow your injured riders to recover better.
Handle your calendar and enter your team in the different competitions of the season. Manage the training sessions, recovery, R&D, test new prototypes and material for your cyclists, and include youngsters in the team at the appropriate time… In order to motivate your riders, set individual goals for them. Leader, Sprinter, Domestique, etc - each cyclist now has personalized goals they’re free to pursue apart from the leader. To help you in your tasks, the menus and the planner have been improved to be more accessible and clearer, and thus more efficient when the time comes to make decisions.
Whether Leader, Sprinter, "Free Electron" or Domestique, members of your team will need to train to be at the top of their form at the key moments. Set up an adapted training program for your cyclists to make sure they’ll benefit from performance bonuses throughout the competition.
In Pro Cyclist mode, you’re not the sports manager anymore, but a cyclist starting his career. Once you’ve created your rider, choose your first team and your manager will assign you a role and some specific objectives. Your progress will heavily depend on your ability to comply with your manager and leader’s directives, and maybe one day, you’ll become the team leader. Build yourself a solid reputation in the peloton, and you might join one the most prestigious cycling teams.
At the start of your career, your manager and your leader will naturally assign you with a role and with some objectives adapted to your youngster status. Outperform yourself and your cyclist will rapidly progress. Once leader, your position will let you choose your teammates, to whom you can give orders during the race. Thanks to the Leaders’ Demands, and to richer interactions with your manager, you will also be able to choose the events you want to compete in.
As the sports manager, you decide which strategy to follow before, but also during the race. Analyze the data you have access to, to build up the best tactics (shape of the cyclists, type of events, weather…) and react to the race events to adjust your strategy in real time. Impose a strategy to your team, like setting up a rapid tempo in the mountains to toughen up the race and leave direct opponents behind. You may also give individual orders like asking your leader and his lieutenant to react to every attack from a contender for the yellow jersey.
Effort management is a key element during the race. Attack, ride into a head wind, launch a solo breakaway… will take a toll on your fitness for the final sprint, or for the following stages. Remember to resupply your cyclists, or protect them at the heart of the peloton in order for them to recover better. Pace management is even more decisive in this new edition of Pro Cycling Manager: an imposed steady pace could stretch the peloton more realistically, while improved handling of the stages’ topography increases or decreases the impact of every change of pace. A sprinter who becomes outdistanced by an accelerating peloton while climbing, will hardly be able to catch up.
You’re not the only one to establish elaborated race strategies anymore! Your opponents can seriously jeopardize your plans. This year, the Artificial Intelligence adds an extra level to its strategy. Your opponents analyze the potential of each cyclist, and make decisions based on the stage of the day, as well as on long-term goals. It’s only natural for the star teams to let a rider win a stage if he’s not dangerous in the general classification.
Organize your team in a paceline at any time during the race in order to protect your sprinter or your leader, and place your cyclists in any order you wish to keep them in the best possible conditions when approaching an important moment. You aim for the bonuses and have identified the sprints that will make you win precious seconds? Form a paceline a few kilometers before the sprint to toughen up the race, stretch the peloton and assure you can enter the defining zone in a good position. Lastly, you’ll need to choose the preferred trajectory of your sprinter to avoid getting stuck in the last meters, and make the final push.
The Multiplayer mode gives you access the tools to compete in online races. You can very easily create your own competitions, races, tours, classics, tracks, and from now on, your own clans! New in this Pro Cycling Manager 2017, the clan system allows you to join your friends in-game to chat, organize the competition, and consult the rankings of your tournaments. These tournaments are fully customizable (races, teams, data bases, etc) and can be a one-time event, or span several days. Dive into competitive mode at the head of one of the game’s professional teams and reach the top of the official rankings! Or else, compete against your friends or other online players.
Thanks to the Steam Workshop, share and download user-generated content, whether it was created by you or by the huge community of enthusiastic Pro Cycling Manager 2017 players. New races, jerseys, and databases – you have all you need to expand and constantly renew your game experience with unlimited
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