Work Around for My Player Freeze Post-Patch

  POSTED November 17, 2009

Ronnie from 2K Sports informed about a work around for My Player Freeze / Clone issues after you install the patch. After you download the update, if your My Player continues to freeze (been just a few of these but this should help nonetheless), you can work around quite easily.

-Copied the My Player data to a memory stick
-Delete the saves and all files/cache off the harddrive
-Start a new game
-Copy data from memory stick back to harddrive -Load old My Player save

Also, not to many reports of continued clones, but if you are getting one, remember you can use the work around for that: when prompted to join another team in any fashion, quit out to the dashboard. Doing so will put you back on your originally drafted team and not clone you.

This has been tested on our end and seems to be working.

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