3 New Future Stars Tokens Released

3 New Future Stars Swaps Tokens have been added to the game. One via SBC, another one via Objective, and the last one is available at the Store.


Rashford Player of the Month SBC

Earn the Premier League Player of the Month for January, Marcus Rashford. The price is around 260 K.


Lindstrom Future Stars Academy Objective

Develop the young talent and work your way up the ranks with Jesper Lindstrøm.


Fabio Vieira Future Stars SBC

Complete this SBC to earn a special FUT Future Stars Fábio Vieira. The price is around 215 K.


Future Stars Team 1 Released

Future Stars Team 1 has been released. Items will be in packs until next Friday.

FIFA 16 Review

  POSTED September 30, 2015

FIFA 16 freshens up the series with the biggest gameplay changes in years. Check out Gamespot Review

  FIFA 16 Review

  •  Draft mode is a smart addition to FUT
  •  New range of passing opens tactical doors
  •  Beefy defending combats over-reliance on pace
  •  Big gameplay changes feel fresh and exciting
  •  Through balls feel unfairly tamed
  •  Refs can give soft penalties



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