93+ Icon Moments Upgrade SBC

Complete this SBC to earn a Moments (highest OVR) version of an Icon rated 93 OVR or higher. Check out the details.


Pablo Sarabia Objective

Complete these objectives to earn TOTS Sarabia. All 5 rewards are untradeable. You can complete these objectives by playing any FUT game mode. Check out the details.


Pedrinho TOTS SBC

Complete this SBC to earn a special Primeira Liga Team of the Season Pedrinho. Check out the details.


Senesi v Karsdorp Showdown SBC

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Liga Portugal TOTS In Packs

Liga Portugal TOTS have been released. They will be in packs until next Sunday. Darwin Sanchez is already extinct at 750K. Check out the details.

How to import Mods to NBA 2K15

  POSTED May 05 |   VIEWS 58205

This video and guide will help you to install NBA 2K15 Cyber Faces and other mods. It´s not an easy task but not impossible. Editing this game is not easy since it demands time and knodwlege to program the tools we need. Thanks to Greg we can enjoy NBA 2K15 Explorer and mod some stuff of the game. You can check mods for NBA 2K15 in our Download Center.

  How to import Mods to NBA 2K15

We will import Brook Lopez Cyber Face

1) You need NBA 2K15 Explorer


2) Once in NBA 2K15 Explorer go to OPTIONS >  PREFERENCES
Click on SELECT and browse for your NBA 2K15 main folder.

3) Now select the file where you will import the mod.
We will import on 0T ( Nets ) file. So tick on 0T and finally SAVE SETTINGS

4) Now go to menu FILE > LOAD ARCHIVES
0T files will be loaded.

5) Now you get a list of all files included in 0T.
Click on Name twice so you order them alphabetically.
You have to search for file : unknown_324209 ( Brook Lopez Cyber Face )

6) Once you find the file RIGHT CLICK on it and select IMPORT ARCHIVE
Browse for the file you are going to import and select it

7) Now you need to apply changes.



- We suggest you to backup the file where you will import mods before you use NBA 2K Explorer.

- Sometimes according to the version of the game you have the number of the file could be slightly different. For instance at our Download Center we have a Chris Paul face. When you download it you will find the file number is 107075. But we official updates this number has increased so now the number is 107165. It´s  easy to understand if you order files by name id since you won´t see any simlar number in the same archive.


What´s New : NBA 2K15 Cyber Faces

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NBA 2K15 Explorer v 0.1 Released!

Yes! Master Greg from 3dgamedevblog. com released first version of his NBA 2K15 Explorer. This version allows archive exploring, customizable exploring based on User Preferences, archive contents extraction, OGG Sound Player embedded for previewing game sound files and more.

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Master Greg from 3dgamedevblog. com continues working on NBA 2K15 files decoding and he is making real progress. This is a sort of explorer tool that allows you to view some game textures. Still too much work to do and things to understand but it´s a great step.

First Steps decoding NBA 2K15 Files!

Master Greg has been working on decoding NBA 2K15 files. It´s not an easy task. NBA 2K15 is using textures having dx10 headers ( for DirectX 11 ) and currently there is no tool to preview them.

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