NBA 2K14 IGN Review 9.3

  POSTED September 26, 2013

It’s a credit to NBA 2K14 that despite not one but two new basketball sims looming on the next-gen horizon, it still managed to draw IGN attention squarely to the current-gen court and keep it there.  With just enough new features, and tighter-than-ever gameplay, NBA2K14 tops its predecessors and competitors...again

  • +Assist Pass
  • +Impeccable presentation
  • +Tighter gameplay
  • +Impressive commentary
  • LeBron mode < 2K12’s Jordan mode


 Though LeBron’s new mode doesn’t manage to bottle the same magic of MJ’s from two years back, the new Assist Pass, and re-tooled ball handling have made what was already a finely tuned on-court experience even tighter. NBA 2K14 is simply the best hoops sim IGN claims to ever played.

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