Renato Sanches TOTW Review

Renato Sanches is one of the favorite players in FIFA 21. But is he worth it? Why is he extinct right now? Are there other options in Ligue 1 or Portugues CM? Let´s find out.


Thomas Delaney TOTW Review

This Delaney version is particularly interesting. As CB he can offer a different approach to the game. Let´s check his stats, where he succeeds, and where he fails.


FGS Challenge SBC

A new SBC celebrating the announcement of the FGS event. You have 2 days to complete this challenge. The reward is a Rare Electrum Players Pack.


FGS Player Tokens revealed

A new item was revealed in the FIFA 21 code. When it was discovered it was related to Swaps, those players cards earned through objectives that later you could exchange for Icons. But later EA confirmed the real purpose of these special items.


David Silva TOTW5 Prediction

David Silva had an incredible match to help Real Sociedad to become La Liga leaders. Why would he get the In-Form? Check out the reasons how his card would look like.

PES 2013 Master League Mystery Revealed

  POSTED August 31 |   VIEWS 36665

Finally the mystery around Master League has been revealed. Adam just posted at kitanamedia forums "Master League has become a mode that looks to move away from a traditional approach over the years, and incorporates a less authentic approach but heavy game elements in a bid to keep you playing for longer." Click on read more to check out the changes in ML.


Initially, Master League looks the same as last year. Choosing real life players or fake players is now a simple option, as Konami have removed the PES Shop. More on this element at a later date. After you choose the look and nationality of your persona, you enter the press conference where you are presented to the media.

Sat at your desk, you are introduced to your secretary, and she talks you through everything in ML, similar to last year. You are briefly introduced to the new boots acquisition and shop within ML, but nothing in-depth.

The start of change

As you enter your first match, you’ll realize all your players are wearing plain black boots. Not only that, the opposition players are also wearing plain boots. After the match, I was awarded a pair of Nike boots.

In ML, you unlock boots to assign to players, and this will give them a stat boost. The boots you acquire though can only be assigned to one player. I unlocked around 4 boots in my first season. They have different abilities, so by unlocking the Adidas F50 it will give the player I assign it to a boost in pace.

It’s important to remember that the opposition are going through the same process. I played Barcelona in the CL, and players like Messi and Iniesta were wearing fake boots. Not one of the opposition player was wearing a boot they would in real life, but they had on different boots with different abilities.


In ML you have a new menu called Items, which consists of ‘Shop, Item List and Equipment’. The shop has access to 18 different stat boosting abilities, from strength training with dumbbells, to a cycling machine that helps stamina. These items cost points, which you gain from playing the game in general. So, Konami have removed PES Shop of old, and implemented it into ML.

What’s key to remember is that each element purchased can only be assigned to one player. Also, some elements last for a set amount of time, like a season.

Each player in ML now has an Item menu, which allows 3 slots, plus a boot slot. So you can give them 3 different stat boosts, and then boots to compliment that.

As an example, you could give a player like Andy Carroll stat boosts in dribbling and pace, and Adidas F50 boots.


To sum up, ML has become a mode that looks to move away from a traditional approach over the years, and incorporates a less authentic approach but heavy game elements in a bid to keep you playing for longer.


Kit Server 13.4.0 for PES 2013

Jenkey released Kit Server 13. 4. 0 for PES 2013. It includes update for official patch 1. 04. Available modules : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder, ballsrv, sides, fserv, kserv. Get it from our Download Center.

Kit Server Final Released

Master Jenkey released version 13. 3. 3. 1 for PES 2013. Get it from our Download Center. Update : faceserver supports online playing and fixed minor bugs for kserver and afsio modules.

Great Tools for PES 2013

Master Panos released 3 great tools for PES 2013.

Kit Server Released

Version 13. 3. 0. 0 of Kit Server for PES 2013 has been released by master Jenkey. Now with support for PES 2013 version 1.03. Get it from our Download Center.

Jenkey and Kit Server are back

Master Jenkey released version 13. 2. 0. 0 of Kit Server for PES 2013. This version updates Kit Server to make it compatible with PES 2013 Version 1.02. This is an early build of this new version. A new version that suppots PES 2013 V 1.03 will be relased later.

Boots Changer for PES 2013

Michal Widzew released Boots Changes 2013 for PES 2013. This application allows you to edit Boots name, Brand, Material and Color name as well as change boots stats. Get it from our Download Center.