Team of the Week 20 Prediction

This is our TOTW 20 prediction. Varane, Varane, and Varane. Everybody expects to pull his red card. But also Di María, Depay, Neuer could make this TOTW an interesting one. And Gundogan? And Bruno? Check out our prediction.


Pedro Goncalves Future Star SBC

Pedro Goncalves Future Star is available. You can pick between 2 versions, center midfielder and right-wing. 2 squads required. Check out requirements, possible solutions and review.


Headliners Tracker - Update

Toko-Ekambi and Diego Carlos will get the upgrade after 4 wins! Upamecano back on track with 2 wins. Bruno back to the start. Check out this Headliners Tracker to find out their chances to get a boost.


Future Stars First Team Revealed

The Future Stars Team 1 has been revealed. Some of the players we have predicted in our Twitter account are present in this team. Check out players, stats, and prices.


Bruno Guimaraes Future Stars SBC

Bruno Guimaraes Future Stars SBC is available. You can pick between two versions of the player. It requires 2 squads. Check out requirements, price, and review.

Ultimate Base Roster V 19 Released

  POSTED June 23 |   VIEWS 12426

Master HAWK23 released version 19 of his Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K12. 256 total teams now working in Association and Season Modes. Thi update includes  the Bobcats new logo, new jerseys, and added Mike Dunlap (with portrait) as coach, as well as more teams, rookies, portraits, cyber faces and retro jerseys.

  Ultimate Base Roster V 19 Released

Major Updates in V19:

• 4 new teams added: 99 Rockets, 96 Kings, 81 Rockets, and 2012-2013 Rookies Team #2
• A second team of rookies has been added. There are now 34 total future rookies available to play/assign to any team you would like (Davis, Robinson, Beal, Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist, Drummond, Waiters etc). 28/34 rookies have cyberfaces (courtesy NBA2K12 community) and ALL 34 of them have portraits (I did those).
• Added the Bobcats new logo, new jerseys, and added Mike Dunlap (with portrait) as coach. I made their other jerseys as options to use as retros if you select them.
• Added 11 new sets of real retro jerseys and assigned them to appropriate teams (55 Pistons, 58 Hawks, 50’s/60’s Royals, 60/65 Celtics, 67 Warriors, 70 Bullets, 74 Pistons, 82 Nuggets, 93 Clippers). Some jerseys were also touched up. Jersey updates courtesy Brenzon/ChrisBrodbeck.
• Added 55+ new portraits (15 more rookies, legendary coaches, retro players etc) & 25+ new cyberfaces.
• Multiple player tweaks and editing big men who were dribbling the ball up the court were fixed.

Major Updates in V18:

• 20 new teams added: 47 Warriors, 56 Warriors, 76 Suns, 80 Celtics, 88 Bullets, 91 Sixers, 93 Clippers, 94 Heat, 97 Bucks, 97 Raptors, 02 Celtics, 02 Sonics, 02 Hornets, 03 Suns, 03 Warriors, 06 Sixers, 06 Nets, 12 Heat, 12 Thunder
• Separate Free Agent list added consisting of the top 19 future draft picks (Davis, Drummond, Barnes etc). INCLUDING cyberfaces for most of the 19 players (courtesy NBA2K12 community) and portraits for ALL (I did them).
• 6 new retro courts added / 30+ new cyberfaces added (including 2012 draft class) / 30+ new portraits added
• A bunch of assistant coaches added to the correct retro teams for better accuracy


New server added to our Network

We have just added a second server to ModdingWay to provide you with more and faster downloads from our mirror. To celebrate we have just added this Mega Cyber Faces Pack by AmaroWaade including more than 40 cyber faces released for NBA 2K12. You will be downloading from our new mirror.

NBA 2K12 Thursday Mods

We are back with more files for NBA 2K12. Houston Rockets Fictional Court by iamLillard, Goldon State Warriors Fictional Court by iamLillard, Brookly Nets 2013 Jerseys V2 by qfrmcpt310, Cavaliers 2012-13 Alternate Kits by qfrmcpt310, Adidas adizero Rose 3. 0 Shoes Pack by MLLR.

NBA 2K12 Monday Mods

More files for NBA 2K12 have been added to our Download Center. Brooklyn Nets Leaked Jerseys by Mythbuster, Steve Nash (Suns) My Player Mode by NBA2KEDITOR, Magic Johnson My Player Mode by NBA2KEDITOR, 2005-2006 Roster Mod V1. 0 by HAWK23, 1995-1996 Roster Mod V1.

NBA 2K12 Sunday Mods

More files for NBA 2K12 have been added to our Download Center.

NBA 2K12 Saturday Mods

More files for NBA 2K12 have been added to our Download Center. American Airlines Arena ( similar NBA 2K13 ) by Pooh, Austin Rivers Cyber Face V 2. 1 by MGX, New Charlotte Bobcats Court by Mr.

NBA 2K12 Friday Mods

More files for NBA 2K12 have been added to our Download Center.