Tutorial : How to make kits with 3d models

  POSTED October 18, 2009

Here comes a little revolution in kit editing: me and my friend Senatore have studied for days (and nights, unfortunately) a way to edit kits directly in just one 3d program. Gkan's way was already good, but you had to use two programs, and some of the effects. You put it in photoshop were not supported by bodypaint 3d. With this new process, you'll be able to edit kits seeing them directly on a 3d model.

  Tutorial : How to make kits with 3d models

3D model download

The 3d model included is the pes2009 model

For this tutorial lennon81 wants to thank Senatore and Marcap first, and then all the people who helped me out and supported me (Ariel, Pat.e Arminia and some other people I probably forgot). Credits, he's a pioneer, to *gkan*.

This tutorial is dedicated to people from Messina who lost their lives a little time ago because of  a landslide. 
We won't forgot you.

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