PESFAN Gameplay Video and Review

  POSTED October 14, 2009

PESFAN gave an end to their embargo since today (14/10) 10am and already started revealing videos and information. The beginning was 2 gameplay videos between Barcelona and Liverpool (a chance to compare the 2 demo teams on the final game code), followed by the full review of the final game. Take notice tha both videos and the review are for Xbox360, while WENB claimed to be responsible for Playstation 3 contents.

The actual text following those 2 videos from PESFAN is:

"We know some of you have been complaining about problems you've been encountering in the demo, such as input lag, but with this video you can see the improvement in response times the players are enjoying. Marko9Gardinic and Keenan specifically commented how improved they thought it was, as well as how much better the overall game felt.

Just for reference, Marko is playing as Liverpool and Keenan is in Barcelona colours.

Oh, and this is just something to wet your appetite, at 11pm we have another piece of content going live, something much bigger. So stay tuned.


This was just the beginning... Follow the link (or click on Visit Website Now) to read the full review from PESFAN. Some more online information will be released throught the same site about online part of the game in about half an hour.

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