PES 2010 Info embargo ended?

  POSTED October 14, 2009

  POSTED October 14, 2009 |   VIEWS 4741

There is a huge confusion around the web, conserning the actual embargo thing for which we have heard from both PESFAN and WENB. While several full game gameplay videos has leaked throught the last week (a couple of which from pesfan) it now seems there is a discordance between 2 of the 3 affiliate KONAMI sites, concerning the end time of the information embargo. Read more...

PESFAN is already posting videos, reviews and information concerning the game, putting the end time on 10pm (GMT) today. WENB, on the other side, is waiting for 10am tomorrow, as a final end to the embargo! What is the actual deadline? One way or another, we are happy to be in front of a delighted release of information from now on, at least from PESFAN!


PES 2010 helped keep Konami profitable.

April-December 2009 Konami profits experienced a steep decline, sinking 40. 4 percent. Of Konami's four divisions, Digital Entertainment saw the steepest decline in nine-month revenue, falling 32. 5 percent.

PES 2010 Gamespot Review 6.5

Gamespot destroyed Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 in their review for PS3 and X360. This year's Pro Evo improves upon its predecessor in some key areas, but it does little else to keep up with the competition.

PES 2010: Bootstats (!) and Stadiums

Here is a video showing the stadiums available on the full game and, also, the boots. Take notice that every boot has it's own attributes (!) like Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, Acceleration, Top Speed and Swerve!.

PESFAN Gameplay Video and Review

PESFAN gave an end to their embargo since today (14/10) 10am and already started revealing videos and information. The beginning was 2 gameplay videos between Barcelona and Liverpool (a chance to compare the 2 demo teams on the final game code), followed by the full review of the final game.

PES 2010 TV Advert

Konami have released the full PES 2010 TV advert on both youtube and the official PES 2010 site. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is an upcoming football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Seabass blog entry and a dev video

On a new blog entry at official KONAMI Blog, Seabass confirms that PES 2010 Demo was an early code version and that we should see some slight changes on the final game. A little later, a new developer video from Nagai (Art Director of the game) hits the website of the game.