New Packs added to FUT 23 Code

New Packs have been added to the store. 2 of them include Future Swaps Tokens.


2 New Future Stars Swaps Tokens Released

2 New Future Swaps Tokens have been released.


Marquee Matchups SBC

Complete challenges themed around this week's key matchups. Earn a bonus Future Stars Token from the 1st challenge.


Future Stars Players Revealed

@FUTSheriff has revealed Future Stars TEAM 1 players. This promo will begin next Friday.


Future Stars Academy Player Revealed

The first Future Stars Academy player has been revealed. This concept, previously present in FUT 22 will be back in FUT 23.

Mass Effect 3 Review

  POSTED March 06, 2012 |   VIEWS 5828

Mass Effect 3 is a remarkably satisfying conclusion to a beloved trilogy, and a poignant and memorable role-playing action game in its own right. Click on Read More to check out The Good, The Bad and the critic scores.

  Mass Effect 3 Review

  • Fantastic, moving story that balances plot and character  
  • Past and present choices impact the game in wonderful and unexpected ways  
  • Much-improved level design leads to challenging, exciting battles  
  • Fantastic art design makes great use of color and composition  
  • Top-notch voice acting brings every major character to life.

  • Some glitches and bugs  
  • Galactic travel and scanning aren't much fun.

Whether you possess a storied history with the series or come with a clean slate, Mass Effect 3 expertly entangles you in its universe and inspires you to care about its future.


Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC

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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan Trailer

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Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer

It's almost time to face off with the Reapers, prepare yourself with the latest action-packed trailer.

GameSpot Now Playing - Mass Effect 3

Ryan and Jody show off some Mass Effect 3 gameplay that picks up right around where the demo ended.

Mass Effect 3 - Meet The Brute

IGN's Destin legarie is here is take you deeper into Mass Effect 3 to explore one of the new enemies in the game. The Brute, a hybrid of Krogan a

Mass Effect 3 - Take Back Earth Full Cinematic trailer

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Mass Effect 3 Video Preview & Screenshots

The fate of Earth, mankind, and the galaxy is in your hands in Mass Effect 3. IGN gives a hands on preview of the epic new game from E3 2011.

Mass Effect 3 E3 2011 Stage Demo

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