PES 2012: Introducing myPES

  POSTED August 17, 2011

Konami has revealed full details of its innovative myPES service, which offers players of PES 2012 the chance to upload scores and results to the Facebook social network site. myPES has been designed and produced in collaboration with argonauten G2 and is a Facebook Application that emphasises the social elements of PES 2012 via connections with the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of PES 2012. It allows like-minded fans to get together through PES 2012, whether it be comparing various match stats, or setting up leagues and groups with friends on Facebook. Results from matches played both online and offline between two people can be uploaded by the user.

  PES 2012: Introducing myPES

The myPES App needs to be installed on Facebook and can be connected with the game via the Personal Data settings. An update available to download for PES 2012 users planned for the day of release will add this functionality to the game.

Players will receive rewards for their activities, with game-related bonuses on offer for specific goals or tasks being attained, while bonuses related to the use of the myPES App are also offered. Finally, there will be hidden bonuses, which will contain further special surprises.

“Social networks are a vital part of our lives - and PES is a game that is social in nature, creating  debate and competition while getting people together,” commented Florian Stronk, European Director of Online and Social Media for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “PES 2012 constantly surprises, and myPES is perfect for showing the sheer diversity of those that play it. The unique Badge system within the App will encourage people to play matches with different teams, experiment with tactics, and eventually make new friends from all over the globe.”
“Connecting a PC- and Console-Game directly to the biggest social network is a true innovation in the gaming industry: No one has made an app like that before!” commented Maik Hofmann, Unit Director for argonauten G2. “Working without any benchmark – neither in concept nor in technology – made the myPES project very demanding.  And that´s exactly how we like it!”

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