FIFA 22 Title Update #2 Anounced

A new update is coming to FIFA 22. It will soon be available for the PC (Origin/Steam) and Stadia versions of FIFA 22, and later for consoles. They have reduced the effectiveness of AI-controlled players blocking lobbed passes and crosses.


Iñaki Williams Record Breaker SBC

This is Iñaki Williams Record Breaker SBC celebrating his 203 consecutive league match for Athletic Club. 7 squads are required ( yes you read well ) and a total of around 130 K for a 2 stars weak foot striker. Check out requirements and review.


Record Breakers coming this Week

Record Breaker card has been just added to the game code. Record Breaker items are awarded to players that set records or accomplished near-historic feats. Those players are given permanent upgrades. What to expect and how this promo worked in the past.


FUT 22 Team of the Week 5 Prediction

This is our prediction for the upcoming Team of the Week. Too many contenders make this prediction one of the most difficult ones. Check out the players we have picked and why.


FUT 22 Team of the Week Tracker

You can check the Team of the Week 5 contenders in our TOTW Tracker. As soon as a player has a performance we consider could grant him an inform he will be added to our tracker. Check it out.

NBA 2K10 Skills

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Here some NBA 2K10 skills provided by 2K Sports. Check out the combinations needed for Put Back Dunks, Double Cross-Over, Double Team, Fight for Positions, Runner in The Lane, Off The Glass Alley Oops and Post Move : Up and Runner. Only for Xbox 360 and PlaySation 3.

Clean up around the glass with spectacular, rim-rocking finishes
Xbox 360: Right Trigger + Y button
PS3 : R2 + X Button or Right Analog Stick
Bust a few ankles and dominate from the perimeter to the point.
Xbox 360: Left trigget + left stick toward non-ball hand then back to the ball hand.
PS3 : R2 Button (Hold) + Left Analog Stick (Opposite Ball Hand) + Left Analog Stick ( Back to Ball-Hand)
Turn up the heat. Make your opponet sweat. When guarding the ball handler.
Xbox 360 : LB
PS3 : L1 Button
Get Physical. Get mean. Get the rebound. When engagged in the post.
Xbox 360 : Left trigger + left stick toward defender

PS3 : L2 Button (hold) + Left Analog Stick ( into defender) 




Ain´t nothing sweeter than a kiss off the glass

Xbox 360 : Run toward basket + right stick away from basket

PS3 : Run toward basket + right stick away from basket



Watch for broken glass. When you are on a fast break and have a teammate trailing behind.

Xbox 360 : Left trigger + A button

PS3 : L2 + X button



Establish position then embarras any defender that stands in your way.

Xbox 360 : Pump fake + release left trigger + move right stikc to side you want to finish.

PS3 : Right Analog Stick (Tap) + Right Analog Stick (Hold)




Kobe and Derrick at All-Star Challenge Finals

2K Sports today announced that NBA 2K10 cover athlete, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, and NBA® 2K10: Draft Combine spokesman, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, will both appear at the NBA All-Star Jam Session on Saturday, February 13th at the NBA® 2K10 All-Star Challenge presented by Nike Basketball.

NBA 2K10 Has Sold Over 2 Million Units

2K Sports announced today that the hugely popular and #1 selling basketball video game, NBA® 2K10, has sold over 2 million units worldwide, marking a phenomenal +60% increase in sales* over the same time period last year for NBA® 2K9.

NBA 2K10 PC Patch confirmed by 2K

Ronnie from 2K Sport have just confirmed that there are good news on the NBA 2K10 PC Patch. "NBA 2K10 PC Patch has been confirmed as in development by Dev. Shouldn't be too long in the future" he posted just a few hours ago.

X360 Patch Now Live ... And PC one ?

Ronnie from 2K Sports has confirmed that NBA 2K10 Xbox 360 1. 2 Patch is now Live. Unfortunately he has also confirmed that there is no word on any PC Patch, so we start wondering if 2K Sports will really release a PC Patch.

NBA 2K10 PS3 Patch is Live

2K Sports confirmed that the NBA 2K10 PS3 Patch is live now. They are still waiting on Microsoft approval for 360 Patch. Click here to check out fixes and improvements that will be included in next patch.

NBA 2K10 Official Patch January Update

Ronnie from 2K Sports have just informed that the patch is in the submissions stage. The patch is submitted and it should be a matter of a couple weeks. The PC patch is still in creation but will be a combination of this and the first patch. Click on Read More for Details.