FIFA 12 Great News for Modders

  POSTED August 15, 2011

Over on the offical FIFA 12 PC Forums, PC Producer Ian Jarvis has answered a few questions put to him by the PC community. One fo those questions was related to FIFA 12 Modding. Will files be the same than in FIFA 11 ? It seems there are good news for FIFA modders. Click on read more and check out some new screenshots.

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I guess that we all know that modders play a big part in Fifa PC community, and my question is this: Will you change the type of files or the game code drastically, so that the modders have to learn how to deal the files all over again, or since its more or less the same game engine the modders will have no problem at all?

Ian Jarvis : The big change for modders would’ve occurred in FIFA 11 PC as we adopted the next gen gameplay / code at that time. If they could mod FIFA 11, I’d imagine that they will be able to do the same fairly easily on FIFA 12 PC.

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