Rulebreakers Team One Review

The new RULEBREAKERS promotion has been released. Players with changed stats, ones improved, others reduced, are included in this Promo. This first team will be available in pack during one weak. Check out their stats and reviews.


Mukiele Rulebreaker Objective

A new objective is available. It´s Mukiele Rulebreaker. An interesting RB you can get by completing 5 tasks. Check what you need to earn this player.


Iñaki Williams Rulebreaker SBC

An interesting SBC has been released giving you the chance to pick between 2 Iñaki Williams Recordbreaker items. 2 squads required ( 84 and 85 ) You have 6 days to complete it. The price of this SBC is between 90-100k.


Rulebreakers Promo Revealed

A new FUT promo is coming this weekend. It´s Rulebreakers, a promo where players will leave behind their previous styles of play and they will transform into different kinds of stars with game-changing stats updates. In a certain way, it reminds Screamers from FIFA 19.


Marquee Matchups SBC

A new Marques Matchups SBC has been released. The group reward is a Premium Gold Players Pack. Check out requirements and solutions.

NCAA Football 12 Review

  POSTED July 14 |   VIEWS 6910

The on-field action is as exciting as ever, but off-the-field problems drag NCAA Football 12 down to the turf..Check out The Good, The Bad, The Video Review and the critic scores

  • Improved AI, especially in regard to block and pass defense  
  • On-field action is fast and exciting  
  • Competing against friends is loads of fun.

  • Dated visuals  
  • Recruiting is bogged down by logical inconsistencies and a preponderance of menus  
  • Certain aspects clash wildly with reality.


NCAA Football 12 - EA Showcase 2011

Gamespot shows off some NCAA Football 12 at the EA showcase 2011.

NCAA Football 12: College Trailer

Mascots, locker rooms, and a new lighting model show off in the new college sports game NCAA Football 12. This trailer shows the dedication to the different universities.

NCAA Football 12: Gameplay Enhancements

NCAA Football 12 aims to deliver improvements on tackling, catching, zone defense and more. See the enhancements in this gameplay trailer.

NCAA Football 12 Announcement Trailer

NCAA Football 12 will feature importat art innovations this year, including (but not limited to): 3-Dimensional Grass, Dreadlocks, Pro-Combat Uniforms and High Dynamic Range Rendering (HDR) and Dynamic Exposure Lighting. Check out the announcement trailer.