ModdingWay FEI - Faces, Hairs ..and more?

  POSTED October 01, 2009

Well, master Skunk is on fire. Check out this screenshot from the new Face Exporter Importer. Now you see that you have the chance not only to edit the High Quality Model but the Low one too. So now you won´t get bad quality faces from distance. Of course this new feature means more work for faces editors but well that´s their problem! We just provide the tool! lol

But there is something more. While his dad was working on Face Exporter Importer, little Skunk playing with his laptop discover something more. "Buba duba taba?" he said., that means "What is this Daddy?". It was not a face or a hair!. What did Little Skunk discover? Click on Read More to find it out!


"Hey! What´s that!???" said Skunk to the little "canaya".  It´s a dressing room? It´s the 3D of a Pro Evolution Soccer game Dressing Room?!!!
Yes! You are right!!! Little Skunk found how to export to blender the 3D of a PES Dressing Room. So that´s why probably from now on FEI will not just be Face Exporter Importer. It could be a 3D Files Exporter Importer? Well it depends on Little Skunk. Will he give us the codes to export other 3D files more than Faces or Stadiums? It´s a mistery but in Little Skunk we trust!. 

The first player SBC has been released. It´s a Nike-Inspired Flashback of Kevin De Bruyne celebrating his early career ...
Welcome to the club. Welcome to  EASPORTS FC. The full Reveal of EA Sports FC 24 will be available on July 13.
Complete this SBC to earn 11 LaLiga Players Rated 81+ or higher. The price is around 90 K.