NBA 2K10 Demo - Fans Impressions

  POSTED September 29, 2009

After playing a few matches NBA 2K10 Fans have posted their impressions about the Demo. Some praise the new controls while others say that everything was stripped down and that now we have even less control than before. Check out some of the comments made by fans at 2ksports / nba2k10 official forums.

Posted by DETERLEE
"WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH THIS? Its worst than the combine and its like 2k just said "here's something to play". Everything was stripped down, the gameplay was already heavy last year, now we have even less control...This demo is horrible."

Posted by nando88
"The controlls are SMOOTH! i love it... can't wait to get this game, the only thing thats wierd is the iso motion isn't linked to turbo anymore, just something to get used to"

Posted by BNen
"Great gameplay, very smooth and very static. it doesnt feel like your players are gliding as much as before."

Posted by ksuttonjr76
"I was picked up by Howard on perimeter after a rebound, and concidentially Bynum had ran past me (I presume the AI recognized the Carter mismatch) on route to the post. As he ran past me, the defensive AI switched, so that Carter starting guarding me and Howard was on Bynum again. A fastbreak is a fastbreak! No more of that b.s. where a slower player can catch up to you, and then you're pulled into an unbreakable animation that makes your player go in the opposite direction. Pretty solid demo thus far. FT glitch has been addressed (didn't really expected it be in the final game anyways), and the defensive assistance that was found in DC is absent here. There is a slight defensive assistance, but it doesn't "force" your player to other parts of the floor."

Posted by that_dude_81
"I liked the demo. It is much improved over 2k9. I wasnt sucked in to animations all the time which was a big thing for me in last years game. 2k10 is gonna be a great game this year. With that being said i still like Live 10 better for the simple fact that In Live 10 I have more control and to me that is more important. The animations look amazing in 2k10 and there are wayyyyyy more of them than in Live 10. But when it all boils down I dont want my game experience to be driven by animations but more so on me controlling how my player. I will still buy 2k10 but more so for the "my player" mode. Good job 2k on another great game"

Posted by oliveira31112
"Two things I love:
1. Graphics / Atmosphere
2. Constant Off-ball movement of CPU controlled teammates

Two things I am not so crazy about:
1. Overhead passes. (Specifically from 2 feet away)
2. Fluidity from dribble to shot

This game is pretty tight. Love how they fixed a lot of last years mistakes and how they added My Player Mode."



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