TOTW Upgrade SBC

EA released a new SBC, this one will grant you a TOTW player from Week 1 to 5 or current TOTW. It is repeatable and it requires an 83 squad and its cost is around 12 K. Is it worth it? Let's find out.


Ones to Watch Weekend Report

Lukaku, Saul, Malen, and Tomori are closer to the Wins to Watch Upgrade. Two Ones to Watch Player could be included in the next TOTW and get a +1 overall rating boost.


4 new players added to Road to the Knockouts Team 2

This weekend 4 new players join the Road to the Knockouts Team 2. Renan Lodi, Arnold, Maehle, and Immobile are currently available in packs. Check out prices and reviews.


Politano Road to Knockouts SBC

Matteo Politano is back with another special card. This time is the Road to The Knockouts ( Europa League ). 2 squads are required in this SBC and a total value of around 60K. Check out requirements, solutions, and the review.


Road to the Knockouts Team 2

EA released the second Road to the Knockouts Team. It includes Reus, Werner, De Jong, Fred, and Jesús Navas are among the top players. Check out the players, current price and review.

El Grande Patch Announced

  POSTED March 02 |   VIEWS 20591

Master Petar announced El Grande Patch mod for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. This fantastic mod, that you have already enjoyed in PES 2010, includes classic clubs and national teams. Pele, Maradona, Platini, Cruyff, Batistuta, will be all there. Click on Read More to check out the teams that will be included in this mod and take a look at the Title Screen.

 Screenshots Gallery

TEAMS LIST (not final )


Austria 1954,AUT
Belgium 1980-1986,BEL
Bulgaria 1994-1998,BGR
Croatia 1996-1998,HRV
Czech 1996-2004,CZE
Czechoslovakia 1970s,CZE
Czechoslovakia 1958-1962,CZE
Czechoslovakia 1934-1938,CZE
Denmark 1984-1992,DEN
England 1996-2000,ENG
England 1990,ENG
England 1980-1986,ENG
England 1966-1970,ENG
France 2006,FRA
France 1996-2000,FRA
France 1982-1986,FRA
France 1954-1960,FRA
Germany 2006,GER
Germany 1998-2002,GER
Germany 1992-1996,GER
West Germany 1986-1990,GER
West Germany 1980-1984,GER
West Germany 1972-1976,GER
West Germany 1966-1970,GER
West Germany 1954-1962,GER
Greece 2004,GRE
Hungary 1952-1966,HUN
Italy 2006,ITA
Italy 1996-2000,ITA
Italy 1988-1994,ITA
Italy 1978-1982,ITA
Italy 1968-1970,ITA
Italy 1934-1938,ITA
Ireland 1990-1994,IRL
Netherlands 1994-1998,NLD
Netherlands 1988-1992,NLD
Netherlands 1974-1978,NLD
Poland 1972-1982,POL
Portugal 2000-2004,POR
Portugal 1990-1998,POR
Portugal 1984-1988,POR
Portugal 1966,POR
Russia 1998-2002,RUS
Scotland 1986-1990,SCO
Scotland 1974-1984,SCO
Spain 2008,ESP
Spain 1994-1998,ESP
Spain 1962-1966,ESP
Sweden 1990-1994,SWE
Sweden 1948-1958,SWE
Turkey 2000-2003,TUR
USSR 1986-1990,SSR
USSR 1960-1972,SSR
Yugoslavia 1998-2000,YUG
Yugoslavia 1990,YUG
Yugoslavia 1960-1968,YUG
Yugoslavia 1946-1958,YUG
Yugoslavia 1920-1940,YUG


Algeria 1982,ALG
Cameroon 2000-2002,CAM
Cameroon 1990-1998,CAM
Egypt 2004-2009,EGY
Morocco 1986,MOR
Nigeria 1994-1998,NIG
South Africa 1996-1998,SAF
Senegal 2002,SEN
Tunisia 1978,TUN


Argentina 1994-1998,ARG
Argentina 1986-1990,ARG
Argentina 1978,ARG
Argentina 1930,ARG
Brazil 1998-2002,BRA
Brazil 1994,BRA
Brazil 1982-1986,BRA
Brazil 1970,BRA
Brazil 1958-1962,BRA
Brazil 1938-1962,BRA
Mexico 1986-1994,MEX
Chile 1998,CHI
Colombia 1990-1998,COL
Peru 1970-1982,PER
Uruguay 1924-1950,URU
USA 1990-1994,USA


Australia 2006,AUS
Saudi Arabia 1994,SAU
South Korea 2002,KOR

Special Teams:

The Best Of Pre War,WAR
The Best Of 50s,50S
The Best Of 60s,60S
The Best Of 70s,70S
The Best Of 80s,80S
The Best Of 90s,90S
The Best Of 00s,00S


English League:

Arsenal 1996-2006,ARS
Arsenal 1988-1994,ARS
Arsenal 1969-1983,ARS
Aston Villa 1980-1982,AST
Birmingham City 1954-1963,BIR
Chelsea 1996-1999,CHE
Chelsea 1969-1971,CHE
Everton 1984-1987,EVE
Ipswich Town 1976-1982,IPT
Leeds United 1995-2001,LEU
Leeds United 1961-1975,LEU
Liverpool 2001-2005,LVP
Liverpool 1977-1990,LVP
Liverpool 1963-1977,LVP
Manchester City 1968-1970,MAC
Manchester United 1990-99,MAN
Manchester United 1963-68,MAN
Nottingham Forest 1977-80,NOT
Tottenham 1964-1987,TOT
West Ham 1963-1976,HAM

Mix League:

AS Roma 2000-2001,ASR
Barry Town 1996-2003,BAR
Blackburn Rovers 1993-1995,BLA
Deportivo 1992-2005,DEP
Everton 1994-1996,EVE
Everton 1962-1970,EVE
Il Grande Torino 1945-1949,TOR
Liverpool 1991-2001,LVP
Manchester United 1955-58,MAN
Middlesbrough 2005-2006,MID
Newcastle United 1994-2002,NU
Tottenham 1990-1996,TOT
Tottenham 1960-1963,TOT
Wolverhampton 1953-1960,WOL
Chelsea 2004-2007,CHE
Derby County 1971-1975,DER
Leicester City 1996-2000,LEI
Manchester United 2001-08,MAN

Italian League:

Fiorentina 80-01,FIO
Fiorentina 55-69,FIO
Inter 1996-2003,INT
Inter 79-94,INT
Inter 57-72,INT
Juventus 1995-2005,JUV
Juventus 1989-1995,JUV
Juventus 1976-1986,JUV
Juventus 1965-1975,JUV
Juventus 30-60,JUV
SS Lazio 1996-2001,LAZ
AC Milan 2001-2007,ACM
AC Milan 1987-1996,ACM
AC Milan 67-74,ACM
AC Milan 48-63,ACM
SSC Napoli 1980-1994,NAP
Parma 1992-1999,PAR
AS Roma 82-94,ASR
Sampdoria 84-92,SAM
Torino 84-95,TOR

German League:

1. FC Koln 86-02,FCK
1. FC Koln 62-86,FCK
Bayer Leverkusen 2001-2002,LEV
Bayer Leverkusen 87-90,LEV
Bayern Munchen 1994-2002,BAM
Bayern Munchen 79-94,BAM
Bayern Munchen 67-76,BAM
Borussia Dortmund 92-02,BOR
Borussia Dortmund 65-67,BOR
Borussia M'Gladbach 69-83,BOM
Eintracht Frankfurt 60-80,EIN
Fortuna Dusseldorf 78-80,FOR
Hamburger 68-83,HAM
Kaiserslautern 1989-1999,KAI
Munchen 1860 64-66,MUN
Schalke 1995-1998,SCH
Stuttgart 1988-1998,STU
Werder Bremen 1991-1995,WER

Spanish League:

Athletic Bilbao 76-84,ATH
Atletico Madrid 80-00,ATM
Atletico Madrid 59-77,ATM
Barcelona 2005-2006,BAR
Barcelona 1990-1999,BAR
Barcelona 80s,BAR
Barcelona 66-80,BAR
Barcelona 48-64,BAR
Espanyol 87-00,ESP
Mallorca 96-01,MAL
Real Madrid 96-04,RMA
Real Madrid 77-90,RMA
Real Madrid 61-76,RMA
Real Madrid 1955-1960,RMA
Real Zaragoza 90-99,ZAR
Real Zaragoza 64-66,ZAR
Sevilla 2005-2007,SEV
Valencia CF 1998-2004,VAL
Valencia 78-90,VAL
Valencia 50-64,VAL

Other Clubs:

AEK 89-95,AEK
AEK 76-88,AEK
RSC Anderlecht 80s,AND
RSC Anderlecht 70-78,AND

Sl Benfica 2003-2005,SLB
SL Benfica 82-90,SLB
SL Benfica 1960s,SLB
Budapest Honved 1949-1956,BUD
Celtic 1997-2007,CEL
Celtic 1990-1996,CEL
Celtic 1966-1970,CEL
Club Brugge KV 76-88,CB
CSKA Moscow 2003-2005,MOS
Dynamo Kiev 1998-1999,DYN
Dynamo Kiev 70-86,DYN
Fenerbahce 2000s,FEN
Fenerbahce 1900s,FEN
Ferencvaros 64-76,FER
Galatasaray 1999-2001,GAL
IFK Goteborg 82-90,IFK
K.V. Mechelen 87-89,KVM
Olympiakos 1996-2003,OLY
Olympiakos 80s,OLY
Panathinaikos 1995-2002,PAN
Panathinaikos 71-87,PAN
Porto 2002-2004,POR
Porto 83-88,POR
Rangers 1998-2002,RAN
Rangers 1988-1997,RAN
Rangers 61-76,RAN
Shakhtar Donetsk 2000-2008,DON
SK Rapid Wien 1980s,SKR
Spartak Moscow 1997-1999,SPA
Sporting Lisboa 1943-1974,SPO
Steaua Bucarest 85-89,STE
SV Casino Salzburg 1993-95,CAS

Holland and French League:

AS Monaco 1997-2005,ASM
AS Monaco 1985-1997,ASM
AS Saint-Etienne 1967-1986,SAE
Ajax 1991-1998,AJA
Ajax 1980s,AJA
Ajax 1969-1973,AJA
AZ Alkmaar 1977-1982,AZ
Bordeaux 1995-2001,BOR
Bordeaux 1980s,BOR
Feyenoord 2000-2002,FEY
Feyenoord 1967-1974,FEY
Lyon 2002-2006,LYN
Marseille 1996-2005,MAR
Marseille 1986-1994,MAR
Nantes 1994-1996,NAN
P.S.G. 1991-2003,PSG
PSV Eindhoven 1966-1989,PSV
RC Lens 1990s,RCL
SC Bastia 1975-1981,SCB
Stade Reims 1952-1960,SR

Yugoslav League:

FK Buducnost 1983-1984,FKB
FK Crvena Zvezda 2004-2006,CZV
FK Crvena Zvezda 1978-1992,CZV
FK Crvena Zvezda 1969-1971,CZV
FK Crvena Zvezda 1946-1964,CZV
FK Partizan 2003-2004,FKP
FK Partizan 1984-1989,FKP
FK Partizan 1970s,FKP
FK Partizan 1960-1966,FKP
FK Partizan 1946-1960,FKP
FK Vojvodina 1946-1970,FKV
FK Zeljeznicar 1983-1985,FKZ
NK Croatia Zagreb 1997-98,CRO
NK Dinamo Zagreb 62-69,NKD
NK Hajduk 1970s,NKH
OFK Beograd 1946-1970,OFK

American League:

Atletico Huracan 1973-1976,ATH
Boca Juniors 94-01,BOC
Boca Juniors 76-86,BOC
Boca Juniors 1961-1970,BOC
Botafogo 1950-1970,BOT
Corinthians 97-01,COR
Cruzeiro 66-76,CRU
Estudiantes de LP 1966-70,ELP
Flamengo 80s,FLA
Gremio 80s,GRE
Independiente 70-84,IND
Nacional Mont. 69-80,NAC
N. Y. Cosmos 75-82,NYC
Palmeiras 93-02,PAL
Palmeiras 62-78,PAL
Penarol 48-68,PEN
Racing Club 1966-1967,RAC
River Plate 1930-1950,RIV
Sao Paulo 91-94,SAO
Santos 2002,SAN
Santos 50-71,SAN
Vasco Da Gama 1997-2004,VDG


PES 2011 Latest Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Romulo Face by Kwill, GDB Viktoria Plzen 11-12 by sheridans, GDB Napoli Champions League by sheridans, Chris Gunter Face by Starkiller, Faces Pack Vol.

PES 2011 Latest Files

Even when we are close to the release of PES 2012 we continue adding files to our Download Center. Luis Advincula Face by Starkiller, Alfredo Morales Face by Starkiller, Elia Face by Carva & Fanta, Julian Cames Patch 1.

PES 2011 Saturday Files

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PES 2011 Tuesday Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Malavan Anzali (persian gulf cup) by iran9 by iran9, C.

PES 2011 Monday Files

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PES 2011 Sunday Files

More files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Faces Pack by Nickless & Darcheville, Faces Pack by NyltonMartins, EPL Faces Pack by artur171, Facepack Vol.