Politano Road to Knockouts SBC

Matteo Politano is back with another special card. This time is the Road to The Knockouts ( Europa League ). 2 squads are required in this SBC and a total value of around 60K. Check out requirements, solutions, and the review.


Road to the Knockouts Team 2

EA released the second Road to the Knockouts Team. It includes Reus, Werner, De Jong, Fred, and Jesús Navas are among the top players. Check out the players, current price and review.


Kruse Road to the Knockouts Objective

Max Kruse Road to the Knockouts is available as a new Objective player. Check out the objectives you have to complete to get him and the review.


Bernardo Silva Road to the Knockouts SBC

Bernardo Silva Road to the Knockouts card is available through an SBC. 4 squads are required for a total price of around 115 K. Check out requirements, solution, and review.


Don´t Stop Til You're 99 Promo coming in November

A new promo is coming in November. EA, in combination with Adidas, announced the "Don´t Stop Til You're 99" promo. These new cards will have a boost up to 99 to either pace, dribbling, or passing stats. Check out the details.

MLB 11 The Show New Features

  POSTED February 07 |   VIEWS 6189

Check out the new features to be included in MLB 11 The Show from official fact sheet released by Sony. Find our more about the Pure Analog Control System, Co-Op Mode, Challenge of the week, Road to the Show 5.0, Eric Karros joining the Broadcast Booth, Camera Editor and more!


¨    Pure Analog Control System (PS3) – The long awaited Pure Analog Controls for The Show have arrived, including analog controls for hitting, pitching, and throwing.  Pure Hitting allows you to stride and swing using the R-stick adding a new dynamic to timing.  Pure Pitching functionality is similar to the Pitch Meter when setting strength and location, but uses the R-stick requiring a bit more concentration when timing your release point.  Pure Throwing uses the R-stick to make throws when on defense.  When fielding the ball, simply point the stick in the direction of the base you’d like to throw towards.  You can also control how hard you throw the ball by how long you hold the R-stick in the desired direction—the longer you hold it in that direction, the harder the ball will be thrown.  This also allows for fake throws to keep runners honest. 

¨    Co-Op Mode (Online & Offline) (PS3) – Play co-op 1 vs. 2, 2 vs. 2, or 2 vs. CPU, offline or online!  In two-player Co-op mode, players are given different selectable duty sharing options.  Once the user is at the selection screen, they will be able to choose up to four-player involvement with a maximum of twoper team.  Online Co-op mode allows a maximum of two consoles and up to four players (two per team) to play ahead-to-head online game.  The PlayStation®Network(PSN) account used for online game stats and record is the user logged into the XMB and PSNon each console.  Users can also play an unranked co-op game with two players on two different consoles or on the same team versus the CPU.

¨    3D Experience (PS3) MLB 11 The Show features the most advanced stereoscopic 3D technology, available in all gameplay modes.

¨    PlayStation Move Support (PS3) – Swing for the fences with your PlayStation Move motion controller in MLB 11 The Show, available in Home Run Derby® only.

¨    Challenge of the Week (PS3) – Challenge of the Week is a quick, fast paced, 2-3 minute, one-player, online experience, with leader boards and prizes awarded in three tiers.  There will be one challenge a week and multiple monthly challenges, summing up the points awarded in the four weeklychallenges and two semi-annual grand prizes.  Each PSN user will get one free try aweek, with each subsequent try having a small fee associated with it—think arcade machine.  Prizes include authentic MLB gear signed by MLB players, like Joe Mauer, as well as ticket packages and Sony electronics.

¨    Road to The Show 5.0 (PS3) – The fifth generation of Road to The Show brings a new interactive slider set to the Create Player process, new training modes triggered by the Player Performance Evaluator,Minor League substitution logic improvements, advancement system improvements thatnow compare your stats versus your competition in the organization, and the new No Assist Fielding option to make the fielding experience even more realistic.  With No Assist Fielding, if you don't react, the game won't do it for you!  A new set of base running controlshave been added, along with improvements to the existing base running system.  Road to The Show also boasts improved camera angles and a full audio upgrade.

¨    Eric Karros Joins The Broadcast Booth (PS3) MLB 11 The Show welcomes the 1992 National League Rookie of the Year and former Los Angeles Dodger first baseman, Eric Karros, to the three-man broadcast booth joining veterans Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell.  Karros currently works as an MLB color commentator on the FOXnetwork, as well as KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, where he is part of the pre-game show forDodger games.

¨    Camera Editor (PS3)MLB 11 The Show is pleased to introduce the Camera Editor, a brand new featuregiving players the ability to customize any pitching or batting camera to your own personal specifications.  You can not only view the action your own way by customizing thecamera’s angle and zoom, but you can modify each pitch meter’s placement and size aswell!  Use over 35 presets, including all 30 MLB home broadcast views as your startingpoints for creating your perfect cameras.

¨    Stadium Specific Broadcast Cameras (PS3)– Want to pitch or hit from the same camera perspective you’re used to seeing while watching yourfavorite team play on TV?  MLB 11 The Show now offers the ability to do just that.  All 30 MLB teams have their home broadcast view available for batting and pitching. Usebroadcast cameras specific to each stadium you play in or build a custom camera similar to your favorite team's broadcast camera and take it on the road—it's all up to you!

¨    Weather Elements and Stadium Ambiance (PS3) MLB 11 The Show continues to bring the most true-to-life experience now including weather elements in the form of rain and dynamic cloudcoverage.  The rain element takes into account stadium location and can affect theon-field action and play results. Additionally, different cloud variations are included—grey, partlycloudy, or complete cloud coverage, as well as the dusk to darkness aspect of the sky.  There is also new night cloud coverage and majestic sunsets.  Complementing stadium ambiance are newly designed fireworks, playing after the home team hits a Home Runor wins the game.

¨    Stadium Specific Jumbotrons –Completely redesigned, stadium specific jumbotrons are now available in MLB 11 The Show.  They reflect the actual look and feel of all real-life ballpark jumbotron displays.  Eachstadium's jumbotron board and out of town scoreboard is displayed exactly as seen ineach MLB stadium. 

¨    Player Performance Evaluator (PS3) – The Player Performance Evaluator is an enhanced mechanism for providing point bonusopportunities for Road to The Show players, similar to the previously used in-gamedynamic goals, but with an emphasis on making each at bat, or batter faced, a criticalpoint earning opportunity.  A player’s hitting and/or pitching performance is evaluated on an at-bat by at-bat basis to determine the amount of training points awarded.

¨    User Settings (with ADVA) (PS3) – The new User Settings system has been created for MLB 11 The Showto provide a streamlined options interface that houses all game options. The system consists of four preset configurations geared towards various user experiences with the ability to create custom configurations from any of the presets.  The presets are Beginner, Experienced, Expert, and A.D.V.A. The Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes (ADVA) is the first video game based online competitive sports organization designed specifically for handicapped individuals, making it possible for them to participate in the sports they love, within an environment that fits their needs.  MLB 11 The Showoffers a default settings option that makes the game more playable and accessible to those with disabilities.  The default settings were selected based on consultation by the organization.  There is also a new Online User Setting that allows you to set your gameplay style, separate from your opponent.  Settings include, pitching interface, hitting interface, cameras, and more.

¨    Online League Upgrade (PS3) – Building on the foundation of the current online system, MLB 11 The Showoffers improved create leaguefunctionality with flexible divisions, a new schedule creator, and the ability to use acustom roster for your league.  Commissioners can also set Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) controlled teams allowingfor more flexibility and have an opportunity to reset or simulate games.  There is also a new commissioner role management screen allowingusers to provide responsibilities to other members of your league, like resolving games,resetting games, simulating games, and more.

¨    The Show XP System (PS3)– The new online scoring system unifies your online gaming experience by making all ways to play games (league and exhibition) count towards your MLB status.  Users will now gain XP status regardless of whether they win or lose.  A win renders more points to the winner, but the user on the losing end will still receive 25% of the points that the game is worth.  Time invested will also play a factor.  No longer will you receive full points for only completing a two inning game.

¨    Player Vault – Now users can upload a single player, outside of a full roster, for others in the The Show community to download, use, and rate.

¨    Tutorial Movies (PS3) – The tutorial movies showcase and explain the new controls forfive of The Show’s latest features—Pure Hitting, Pure Pitching, Pure Throwing, the CameraEditor, and the Fake Throw System.  They can be viewed in the frontend menus or the in-gamepause menu.

¨    In-Game Bottom Ticker – Keep tabs on all the action during your Major League season with the addition of The Show's new in-game bottom ticker.  You'll now get score updates of games in progress, pitching matchups for games yet to start that day, and final score results highlighting win/loss/save info and notable offensive performances—all recreated just as you would see at the bottom of your screen in real-life.  Additionally, you’ll be able to set the ticker to display Friend Updates, so you can keep up with what your friends are up to inThe Show.

¨    New Presentations – The Showcontinues to add to an already expansive presentation base by adding more ways to accurately mirror real-life broadcasts.  This year, watch for new pitch-by-pitch sequences that look back at, say, all seven pitches in an at-bat that led to a walk, or a montage of a pitcher's last six strikeouts.

¨    Retooled Fielder Ratings – Improved fielder ratings make defensive substitutions play an even larger role within gameplay.  Leave your designated hitter (DH) in the outfield and risk having his shaky glove in the outfield!  This year you’ll see an even larger separation in performance by Gold Glovers versus those players less known for their fielding prowess.


MLB 11 The Show Review

MLB 11: The Show is another great baseball game, but it doesn't add a lot to last year's feature list.

MLB 11 The Show Realism Trailer

Once again MLB 11 The Show is the most realistic baseball game ever! We've built upon our realism improvements to include stadium specific jumbotrons, true to life out of town scoreboards and weather effects such as rain, improved skies and cloud coverage.

MLB 11 The Show Torture Trailer

The San Francisco Giants have dug themselves into bases loaded 2-out hole. Super slugger Ryan Howard has a full count and a green light to swing for the fences. Strikeout sensation Tim Lincecum is about to throw 1 momentum changing pitch.

MLB 11 The Show Yankee Killer Trailer

The Yankee Killer is back! Down by 1 run, cover athlete Joe Mauer looks to clear the bases and put the Minnesota Twins into the lead. But he'll have to overcome a 0-2 to count to Yankees ace C. C. Sabathia. Can the Twins captain come through in the clutch?.

MLB 11 The Show More Screenshots

Widely considered the most authentic baseball game available, MLB 11 The Show is set again to provide fans with the best baseball experience this console generation with even more features and modes destine to quicken the heart, raise the stakes, and hurl you further into the true MLB baseball experience.

MLB 11 The Show Core Franchise Features

Find out more about the Core Franchise Features that will be included in MLB 11 The Show. Movie Maker, Classic Stadiums, Sounds of the Show, Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Futures Games, Mascots, Pitch Grips, Umpire Personalities and more.