NBA 2K11 - How to Install Mods

  POSTED October 02, 2010

Some tips on how to install NBA 2K11 mods. Where to place rosters, sliders and draft classes files. How to import shoes, cyber faces, jerseys, arenas. Editing tools available.

1) Rosters, Sliders, Career, Draft Classes.

It depends on your OS :

Windows XP
Copy files to C: / Documents and Settings / [USER] / Application Data / 2K Sports /NBA 2K11 / Saves

Windows Vista - 7
Copy to C: / Users / [USER] /AppData / Roaming / 2K Sports / NBA 2K11 / Saves


2) Shoes, Jerseys, Arenas, Cyber Faces, Global Files.

  • You don´t need any tool to import them to the game.
  • Just copy files to your NBA 2K11 main folder.
  • Be sure to backup original files before you overwrite them with files you have downloaded here.
  • All these files are for PC version of the game.


Assign Cyber Faces ID's using REditor Tool


3) Editing Tools.

There are some great tools for NBA 2K11 that will help you to edit the game.

a) REditor II
This is a Roster Editor made by Vl@d Zola Jr. For instance it will help you to assign cyber faces to those players that don´t have one assigned by default.

b) NBA 2KXX Mod Tool
This tool developed by JemiZhuu allows you to edit, import and export textures for the PC version of NBA 2K11. It can also be used with NBA 2K10 and NBA 2K9.

c) NBA 2K11 Cyber Faces Converter
Developed by jor1980 helps you to export Cyber Faces 3D Files to blender and let you import them back to the game.

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