Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike DLC Trailer

  POSTED January 17, 2011

Treyarch have today released a preview for four of the five maps which will feature in Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ first DLC map pack, First Strike. The four maps shown will be playable across the multiplayer modes whereas the fifth map for Zombie mode, which is not yet revealed, will see you fighting off the zombie hordes in the Soviet launch facility, Ascension.

  Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike DLC Trailer

The four multiplayer maps are:

This will be familiar from the single player campaign, which sees players battling across rain soaked Hong Kong rooftops, and yes it features zip lines enabling you to get from one area to another extremely quickly, although they do leave you a bit exposed.

Berlin Wall.
Forces on the west take on those in the east, across a pretty dangerous looking and exposed no man’s land. This is a large level suited to long range weapons.

Again familiar from the single player campaign, this is the German Arctic outpost. This map features a huge chasm with destructible bridges, and a choke point which your team will need to gain control of to be successful.

Set in an abandoned Ice Hockey stadium, this map is ideally suited for close quarters combat, so get those shotguns ready!

The map pack will be available exclusively for 1,200MP on the Xbox 360 on February 1st with the PS3 and PC version to follow at a later date.

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