File Master 11 - Beta 1 for FIFA 11

  POSTED December 23, 2010

The first beta version of File Master 11 by Rinaldo is available now.  It allows you to browse data.big files, import and export files. The package includes also a very preliminary beta of Rx3 master for viewing some of the rx3 formats.


"Another (small) step toward the full editing of the game! Fifa 11 uses 5 types of data compression, the "traditional" method already used by previous PC version (recognizable by the signature 10FB) a method called "chunkzip"  that is mainly a variant of the deflate algorithm, two variants of the 10FB compression that are called respectively "chunref" and "chunkref 2" and a last method that should be a variant of chunkzip, let's call it "chunkzip 2" but that I was not able to decrypt yet. Fortunately only a limited number of files are compressed with this method so we have the possibility to export and import all the important files. One problem of the file system of FIFA 11 is that the .big files are "very big" ... oh yes what did you expect... it's in the name ! Though I have worked on code optimization this makes quite slow to modify them... the approach I think to use in CM11 will be to add new files directly in the folders and just delete from the original .big the files that we are going to replace. What's good is that the folder structure of FIFA 11 is quite clean and easy to understand so we are going to mess the game folder with thousands of files." said Rinaldo

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