Jutglá Moments SBC

Earn a Player Moments Ferran Jutglà celebrating his goal and assist in Club Brugge's stunning win over Atletico Madrid.


Xabi Alonso TOTY Icon SBC

Complete this SBC to earn a special TOTY Icon version of Xabi Alonso. The price is around 420 K.


85+ x3 Midfielders Upgrade

Exchange a squad to earn 3 Midfielders (CM, CAM, CMD, LM, RM) rated 85 OVR or higher.


Fekir Honourable Mentions Review

With NaNNiK Gaming we bring you this Nabil Fekir Honourable Mentions Video and Stats Review. Is he worth it?.


Moments and Flashback Revealed

A Moments item and a Flashback both coming via SBC have been revealed. One of them is not from the Top 5 Leagues.

New Features : Beginning a Career

  POSTED September 17, 2009 |   VIEWS 9109

Sigames announced and explained new features included in upcoming Football Manager 2010. Today they focus on how people start the game, and the areas that they get confused about. You'll see FM2010 has an easier introduction to the game for new users, but also more advanced options for experienced ones. Check this new feautres.


With Football Manager 2010 the database is much easier to customise. As you can see from the screenshot, you can, as well as setting the initial database size, easily add in players based in nations, of nationality, from top division clubs, from top clubs, players with continental reputation, with national reputation and current international players.

As part of the benchmarking, you are even told how many players are going to be loaded into the database based on the changes that you make, and see changes in the game speed expected on that computer based on these new settings.

When you start a new game, there are also a few new things that you'll see straight away, and some of these also happen when you are employed in a new job further down the line.

One of these is that, if you've got a bit of money, your chairman may well give you permission to have a complete clear out of your backroom staff, without blocking any of the contract terminations, so that you can bring your own men in.

A new manager will also be made aware of any pending transfers, so if the previous manager signed a player but he's not due to join until the next transfer window, you'll be told about it.

You also get the option of having a friendly match against your reserves to really get to know your players better.

There are some more changes to the media side of things when you start the game too,.

One of the first things that I do when I start a new game is go to my team settings. This is where you can set your assistant manager to do various tasks for you, such as looking after the reserve team or arranging and taking control of friendlies. This year, there are a few new options in there, which you can see on the new screenshot above.

You will hopefully notice a new transfer option, which is regarding loaning of players. All of us who play the game a lot know how annoying it is to have to set loan options for players when offering them to other clubs, and here you can now set your default options for loans so that each time you offer out a player, it will use your own personal settings.

There is also an option there to set one of your scouts to automatically give match reports on any of the players that you have sent out on loan.

Oh, and the option to set what the default offer to clubs asking price, loan asking price and loan wage percentage should be.

Underneath the transfer section, there is a new section currently called Go To These Screens. This allows you to customize the flow of the games screens inbetween matches, so gives you the choice of whether you should be going back to your manager home screen, or go somewhere else, by default. This means that you, as the manager, is in complete control of what information you see, and when. 



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