FIFA 11 Textures Editor 1.0.1 Released

  POSTED October 12, 2010

 A new version of FIFA 11Texture Editor  has been released. This one includes a button import textures for those having problems with drag and drop or for those that prefer this method. The FIFA 11 Texture Editor by master Jor1980. This utility allows you to export, import FIFA 11 Textures. New features have been added like search, bh files fix when you export a file, etc. Check out the readme ( Startup Menu / ModdingWay / Tools / FIFA 11 ) and be sure to visit the official thread at our forums. Thanks to Hrvoje ( ) MonkeyDragon ( , Sido ( ) and Diego Martiniello for their help testing the tool. 

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 -Export file to path:

Once you have open a .big file you can export  any subfile to the corresponding path into "Game" folder clickin Export File To Path button. Don´t worry about create the subfolders into "Game" folder, the program does it for you.
You have only to select the "Game" folder.
The file exported will be decompressed if it has zlib compression
-Export file:
You can export any subfile to the folder you chose clicing Export File button, and the program will decompress the file if it has zlib compression and export it

-Make the game read a subfile outside a .big file:
If you want  the game to search a subfile outside a .big file first you have to export the file to its corresponding path selecting a file into the listbox and clicking Export file to path button then go to menu edit and select Active .big file´s into folder and the program will configure the game to load the file selected outside the .big file. This option will change the corresponding .bh file so make a security copy to avoid problems
-Report of the files configured to be loaded outside a .big file:
To know which subfiles had been configured to be loaded outside a .big file open a big file and then go to edit menu and select subfiles in folder report.Then you will have to selec the corresponding .bh file and the report will be shown
-Search files
Once you have openend a .big file you can search the subfiles included into it selecting search file into edit menu the program will search for all the files which contains the word introduced by you.
-Import texures over a file
You can only import the textures over saved .rx3 files not over the .rx3 files included into the big files. So the first step is export the .rx3 file from the big file the open the .rx3 file and select the texture over you want to import a new one, then simpli drag and drop the new texture over the big picturebox. You can import it in many formats and
the program will transform it .
Note:if you see some textures as a simple colour and the type in the status bar is not Unknown check the transparency checkbox to see the texture with its trasnparency info
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