FIFA 11 : Virtual Pro Details

  POSTED September 14, 2010

Mike Takla, a Designer for offline & online Game Modes in FIFA 11, talks about the improvements they’ve made to the Virtual Pro feature this year ( X360 and PS3 Versions). For anyone that played FIFA 10 you’ll be familiar with Virtual Pro, but for those that didn’t it’s a feature that allows you to create a player to use & grow across multiple game modes, including the increasingly popular Clubs mode, which allows you to take your Pro online & join one of the many Clubs competing to be the World’s top Virtual team.

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Creating Pro Personality

If you’ve been following the info on FIFA 11 features so far you’ll know that increasing player ‘Personality’ was a major priority for our gameplay team this year. By ‘Personality’ we mean differentiating one player from another through their players’ style & skills. We also felt that Virtual Pro needed more personality, as in FIFA 10 while not everyone managed to max out their player those that did found themselves with very similar abilities to the next man.

Playing Styles

So one feature we have added to increase personality within Virtual Pro are ‘Playing Styles’ for each of the selectable Positions & Roles. Playing Styles, along with Position & Role determine your starting attributes & the maximum value that can be achieved in each discipline.

The following Playing Styles are available:



Solid handling, kicking & positioning


Excels when it comes to diving & reflexes


Defender Left/Right

Full Back

Attributes lean towards the defensive side of the game

Wing Back

Less defensive skill but more ability going forward


Defender Centre


A traditional tough tackling man marker


Better distribution at the expense of defensive abilities


Defensive/Attacking Centre Midfielders

Ball Winner

High tackling, heading & solid distribution

Box to Box

A combination of defensive & attacking strengths


Excels in all types of passing


Midfielder Left/Right


High ball control & crossing ability

Box to Box

More evenly distributed attributes across the board


Forwards Left/Right/Centre


Excels in attributes that will assist team mates


Accurate shooting at the expense of playmaking abilities

Target Man

Superior aerial strength & positioning


As with last year a Virtual Pro’s Physical stature will also affect their attributes with taller & heavier players gaining a strength advantage, whilst smaller leaner players will have that extra bit of speed. Community feedback on Virtual pro attributes was also taken into account to ensure any of the ‘monster’ Virtual Pro’s from FIFA 10 won’t be making another appearance this year.

Selectable Traits

In FIFA 10 there was 10 Traits that you could unlock that were automatically added to your Pro, which again reduced the amount of variety in the world of created players. This year there are 20 traits to unlock with the user able to decide to assign a maximum of 5 to their player at a time, meaning players will have to consider what they want their unique abilities to be, as well as considering what their team mates might have selected to ensure a good balance of skills across the team.

The 20 traits to choose from are:

Long Throw-In

Adds extra distance to your throw-ins

Second Wind

Increases stamina at the end of a match

Acrobatic Clearance

Adds spectacular defensive clearances to your game

Early Crosser

Adds more curl to your early balls from out wide

Finesse Shot

Increases your side foot effectiveness in front of goal

Outside Foot Shot

Enables you to curl shots with the outside of the boot

Power Header

Adds extra power to your headers at goal

Giant Throw-In

Allows you to launch throw-ins right into the box

Swerve Pass

Adds bend to your passes & through balls where needed

Power Free-Kick

Enables you to take low drilled free kicks

Stutter Penalty

Adds the option to feint when running up to take a spot kick

Skilled Dribbling

Enables you to perform the skilled dribbling controls

Fancy Passes

Adds extravagant passes & crosses to your game

Fancy Flicks

Increases the likelihood of backheels & fancy 1st touches

Bicycle Kicks

Enables you to perform spectacular overhead volleys

Diving Header

Allows you to dive when attempting a header at goal

Driven Pass

Enables you to play more powerful & direct long passes

GK Up for Corners

Allows you to push forward for corners at the end of a match

GK long Throw

Increases your over arm throwing distance

GK Flat Kick

Increases the speed & accuracy of kicks from hand

And finally, when it comes to personality, we’ve increased the number of selectable commentary names by adding over 700 new ones from all around the world, so if your name wasn’t available last year fingers crossed Martin Tyler will be calling you out this time around.

Accomplishments & Unlockables

In FIFA 10 there was 230 Accomplishments to complete with your Pro, this has increased to 400 this year, meaning there is a lot more to do to max out your player. Other changes include difficulty based Accomplishments (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced), with some now unlockable in regular 1-on-1 play with friends whilst others will require you to play well against at least World Class AI or online to add to your player. As with last year completing Accomplishments will increase your attributes, unlock traits, new kit & a selection of celebrations. Visual upgrades, such as coloured boots, goalkeeping gloves or helmets are unlocked as you reach Accomplishment milestones, so when you see a fancily attired Pro on the pitch you instantly know he’ll have been well trained before he even touches the ball.

There is also a new Accomplishment Book this year with which to track your progress & players growth. This year the book can also be viewed at half time in online matches, in case you’re left waiting for someone else to come back from a toilet break at the interval.

Well I hope that’s given you a good insight into what we’ve done with Virtual Pro in FIFA 11 & that you’re looking forward to building up your player & taking on the world again this year.


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