PES 2010 PS3: Fully editable

  POSTED September 07, 2010

We've already "warned" you that we are going to do this. Here is the first demonstration of what you can do on PS3 with the use of game backups! Just grab Game Graphic Studio and play with your .img files and there it is!

PES 2010 will be fully editable, as much as Xbox version is, with the only difference being that (for now) you can't edit the Option File from your PC, but you may be able to extend the current file size (as opposed to X360 where it's not possible to do that). Just find a way to Jailbreak your PS3 and go have fun!

  PES 2010 PS3: Fully editable

There is a chance that this year we will adopt more tools to work with big-endian (which means both PS3/X360 support). Let us see what PES 2011 will bring and weither we will be able to play PES 2011 from a backup or not. For now, we are free to produce patches for PS3 with the existing X360 tools!

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