PS3 Jailbreak: Door to modding PS3 games

  POSTED September 06, 2010

Some of you must have already read around the net that PS3 has been hacked and now supporting game backups with the use of an external USB Stick, called PSJailBreak. Also, you may already now that this kind of software have been ported to many devices (such as Nokia N900, Palm Pre, HTC Desire/Legend etc.), even in... calculators! No matter if you have tried it or not, yet, we are here to test everything for you... We are now in position to evaluate the benefits of such a device and we didn't lose time to investigate on files of the backed up games for the possiblity of modding and patches. And the news are good: PS3 modding seems very promising!

Read details about the investigation...

With only a couple of hours with the hacked PS3, i didn't have enough time to test things and make safe conclusions. Looking on the files of several games, though, i can say that there is no encryption and the formats look pretty similar to the PC (only difference is the endianess). On the other side, we don't seem to have any limitations such as in Xbox (with DVD sizes etc.) since the backups run directly from the drives. So, the only thing we have to do is make some tools compatible with PS3 and make the final tests. First game to be modded: of course it's PES 2010!

This Tuesday, we are going to do the first tests and make some review with the hacked PS3 and it's modding capabilities. Stay tuned at for more news...

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