87+ Star Player Pack added to FUT 22 Code

A new 87+ Star Player Pack has been added to the code and it will be available during TOTY Promo. SBC or Promo Pack? Check what happened in FIFA 21.


Serie A Player of the Month Revealed

A surprising Serie A Player of the Month award has been revealed. This player will be available probably in two weeks when Vlahovic Player of the Month SBC ends.


Varane Flashback SBC

As it was already revealed, Varane got a Flashback card. Earn a Flashback Raphaël Varane celebrating his inclusion in FUT19 TOTY by completing this SBC. Check out the details.


Full TOTY Honourable Mentions Revealed

TOTY Honourable Mentions team players have been already revealed. 15 players as well as more players that will be available by completing SBCs or Objectives. Check out the details.


New Icons SBCs coming soon

2 new icons will be available by completing SBCs this Friday. One of them is a Prime Icon while the other one is a Mid Icon. Check out the details.

Madden NFL 10 Roster Update #3 Details

  POSTED September 10 |   VIEWS 12319

EA Sports announced that the latest  Madden NFL 10 roster update will be available soon for download on XBL and the PSN. Included are the updates made to all 32 NFL teams final rosters and numerous other changes. Click on read more to view the entire  Madden NFL 10 Roster Update #3 details. 


  •  Bills O-Line musical chairs - Wood to starting LG, Andy Levitre to RG
  •  Bills Marvin Philip released to FA
  •  Brandon Rodd added to Bills
  •  Bengals Chad Ochocinco KPW/KAC increase
  •  49ers Glen Coffee rating increase after leading preseason in rushing thru 2 games
  •  49ers O-Line improvements David Baas, Snyder, Heitman.
  •  Falcons added Marty Booker
  •  Put Aaron Kelly on FA wire (too low on depth chart)
  •  Falcons Brent Grimes increase (now starting CB in Atlanta)
  •  Removed Pat Murray from Broncos
  •  Removed Greg Peterson from Bucs, added to FA
  •  Added Dre Moore to Bucs
  •  Removed Brian De La Puente from Chiefs
  •  Added Colin Brown to Chiefs
  •  Chris Davis removed from Titans
  •  Philip Rivers new contract (SD)
  •  Ernest Wilford removed from Dolphins
  •  Added Joey Haynos to Dolphins
  •  Removed Joe Cohen from Dolphins
  •  Andy Alleman traded to Chiefs from Dolphins
  •  Removed Eric Green from Dolphins
  •  Karl Paymah jersey update to 41 (MIN)
  •  Cody Brown removed from Cardinals (IR)
  •  Brandon Williams removed from Cowboys (IR)
  •  Cletis Gordon removed from Chargers
  •  Angelo Crowell removed from Bucs (IR)
  •  Quincy Black now starting at OLB (TB)
  •  Removed Dusty Dvoracek from Bears (IR)
  •  Moved Michael Bush to #2 RB in Oakland (Fargas strained hamstring)
  •  Made Captain Munnerlyn starting PR in Carolina
  •  Troy Williamson rating increase after strong preseason
  •  TJ Duckett removed from Seahawks
  •  Edgerrin James added to Seahawks
  •  Added David Bruton to Denver
  •  Removed Vernon Fox from Denver (too low on depth)
  •  Added Kenny McKinley to Denver
  •  Added Rod Wilson to Tampa Bucs
  •  Dolphins WR depth updated (Ginn/Camarillo/Bess/Hartline/Turner)
  •  Made Glen Coffee #2 on 49ers HB depth
  •  Made Adam Snyder #1 RT
  •  Added LaRod Stephens-Howling to Arizona
  •  Removed James Thrash from FA (retired)
  •  Added Brian Clark to Bucs
  •  Fixed Javon Walker jersey number to 84
  •  Russ Hochstein removed from Patriots (traded to Denver)
  •  Michael Ray Garvin added to FA wire
  •  Ricky Manning added to Raiders
  •  Tank Williams added to FA
  •  Moved Charlie Johnson to LT1 and Tony Ugoh to LT2 (IND)
  •  Added Steve Gregory to Chargers
  •  Updated Packers O-Line depth - Spitz C1, Sitton RG1 etc.
  •  Removed Duke Preston from Packers (now on FA)
  •  Made Jaymar Johnson PR1 in Minnesota
  •  James Davis rating increase (CLE)
  •  Jamal Lewis rating decrease (CLE)
  •  Dennis Dixon rating increase (PIT)
  •  Removed Adam Seward from Colts
  •  Moved Freddie Keiaho to MLB
  •  Updated Mike Walker's name to Mike Sims-Walker (JAX)
  •  Removed Glenn Paulauck from Saints (to FA wire)
  •  Added Thomas Morstead to Saints
  •  Removed Elliot Vallejo from Cardinals
  •  Removed Jeremy Mincey from Jaguars
  •  Added James Wyche to Jaguars
  •  Added Marquand Manual to Lions
  •  Removed Daniel Bullocks from Lions
  •  Removed Eric Bassey from Rams (IR)
  •  Removed Lamar Divens from Ravens (IR)
  •  Added Kelly Talavou to Ravens
  •  Roydell Williams removed from Redskins
  •  Added DJ Hackett to Redskins
  •  Removed Dexter Jackson from Bucs
  •  Removed Paul Smith from jaguars
  •  Added Josh Johnson to Bucs
  •  Added Desmond Bryant to Raiders
  •  Removed Tedy Bruschi from Patriots (retired)
  •  Added Eric Alexander to Patriots
  •  Made Omar Gaither MLB1 in Philadelphia
  •  Made Bernard Scott HB2 in Cincinnati
  •  Removed Kevin O'Connell from Patriots
  •  Added Brian Hoyer to Patriots
  •  Removed Jason Jefferson from Atlanta (to FA)
  •  Added Thomas Johnson to Atlanta
  •  Marques Hagans removed from Redskins
  •  Alfred Fincher removed from Redskins
  •  Marvel Smith removed from 49ers (retired)
  •  Alex Boone added to 49ers
  •  Keith Lewis removed from Cardinals
  •  Pago Togafau removed from Cardinals
  •  Ben Claxton added to Cardinals
  •  Travis Johnson traded to Chargers from Texans
  •  Removed Darnell Stapleton from Steelers (IR)
  •  Added Ramon Foster to Steelers
  •  Added Ahmad Brooks to 49ers
  •  Removed Jay Moore from 49ers (too low on depth)
  •  Added Mike Teel to Seahawks
  •  Removed Jeff Rowe from Seahawks (too low on depth)
  •  Browns WR depth updated - Mike Furrey WR2
  •  Added Craig Dahl to Rams at FS2
  •  Rams WR depth updated - L Robinson to WR2
  •  Ryan Tucker removed from Browns
  •  Pat Murray added to Browns
  •  Rod Hood removed from Browns
  •  Added Corey Ivy to Browns
  •  Mike Goodson (HB - CAR) ratings increase
  •  Ryne Robinson removed from Panthers
  •  Gerald Cadogan removed from Panthers
  •  Made Jacob Hester FB 1, M Tolbert FB2 (Chargers)
  •  Brian Hartline (WR - MIA) rating increase.
  •  Lex Hilliard added to Dolphins
  •  All player heights and weights updated according to each NFL team website
  •  Elvis Dumervil (DEN - OLB) rating increase
  •  Kevin McMahan added to Panthers
  •  Michael Crabtree removed from 49ers depth chart
  •  Tye Hill traded to Falcons from Rams
  •  Jonathan Wade now CB2 on Rams
  •  Jamie Winborn added to Falcons
  •  Robert James removed from Falcons (too low on depth)
  •  Removed Willie Evans from Falcons (too low on depth)
  •  Alfonso Boone removed from Chiefs
  •  Removed Joe Klopfenstein from Rams
  •  Simeon Castille added to Chargers
  •  Brandon Hughes removed from Chargers (too low on depth)
  •  Von Hutchins removed from Falcons
  •  Ben Hartsock removed from Falcons
  •  Removed Charleston Hughes to Eagles
  •  Removed Nate Salley from Panthers (IR)
  •  Added Kevin Kaesviharn to Panthers
  •  Added Kory Sheets to 49ers
  •  Dominique Zeigler added to FA
  •  Devin Aromashodu added to Bears
  •  Demetrius Bell (T - BUF) rating increase after great training camp
  •  Devard Darling removed from Chiefs (IR)
  •  Added Ashley Lelie to Chiefs
  •  New Ricky Williams contract extension
  •  William Moore jersey number updated to 25
  •  Removed Demetrius Byrd from Chargers (Non Football Injury List)
  •  Added Louis Leonard to the Panthers
  •  Added Quincy Butler to the Rams
  •  Frank Omiyale now at LG1, Josh Beekman at LG2
  •  BenJarvus Green-Ellis added to Patriots
  •  Sean Mahan removed from Bucs
  •  Marcus Johnson removed from Raiders
  •  Erik Pears added to Raiders
  •  Pat Thomas removed from Bills
  •  Marcus Buggs added to Bills
  •  Ben Hartsock added to Jets
  •  Kevin Ogletree added to Cowboys
  •  Kelley Washington (WR - BAL) now WR3 and rating increase
  •  Made Hank Fraley C1, Alex Mack C2 (Browns)
  •  Keith Smith removed from Lions
  •  Added Ramzee Robinson to Lions
  •  Added Jordan Senn to Colts
  •  Tanard Jackson rating increase (TB)
  •  Ronde Barber rating decrease (TB)
  •  Amani Toomer released from Chiefs (to FA)
  •  Added Jake O'Connell to Chiefs
  •  Added Fui Vakapuna to Bengals
  •  Kenneth Moore moved to WR3, Dwayne Jarrett WR4 (Panthers)
  •  Added Beau Bell to Browns
  •  Added Will Davis to Cardinals
  •  Added Moise Fokou to Eagles
  •  Made Sean Ryan TE1
  •  Removed Marcus Henry from Jets
  •  Removed Chandler Williams from Falcons
  •  Removed DeMarcus Faggins from Titans
  •  Removed Paul Williams from Titans
  •  Added Dominique Edison to Titans
  •  Removed Josh Stamer from Titans
  •  Removed Jason Murphy from Titans
  •  Added Stanford Keglar to Titans
  •  Added Jason McCourty to Titans
  •  Ronald Curry removed from Rams
  •  Removed Aveion Cason from Lions
  •  Removed Chuck Darby from Lions
  •  Added Orien Harris to Lions
  •  Removed Lydon Murtha from Lions
  •  Dominic Rhodes removed from Bills
  •  Xavier Omon added to Bills
  •  Marshawn Lynch removed from Bills depth chart - Fred Jackson now HB1
  •  Andrew Walter removed from Patriots
  •  Billy Miller (TE - Saints) to IR
  •  Ko Simpson traded to Lions from Bills
  •  Leonard Pope removed from Cardinals
  •  Aaron Fransisco removed from Cardinals
  •  Damion McIntosh removed from Chiefs
  •  Eric Ghiaciuc removed from Chiefs
  •  Removed Kevin Jones from Bears (IR)
  •  Removed Jeff Garcia from Raiders (to FA)
  •  Added Bruce Gradkowski to Raiders
  •  Matt Bryant removed from Bucs
  •  James Lee removed from Bucs
  •  Anthony Alabi removed from Bucs
  •  Kyle Arrington removed from Bucs
  •  Donte Nicholson removed from Bucs
  •  Added Matt McCoy to Bucs
  •  Moved Jermaine Phillips back to FS (from LOLB)
  •  Removed David Patten from Browns
  •  Beau Bell removed from Browns
  •  Paul Hubbard removed from Browns

Madden 10 Ultimate Team Trailer

Madden Ultimate Team is an all-new, strategic game mode for the critically acclaimed Madden NFL 10 on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system.

Madden Ultimate Team Announced

Electronic Arts announced today the addition of Madden Ultimate Team, a new, strategic game mode for the critically acclaimedMadden NFL 10 on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

Madden NFL Arcade Announced

Electronic Arts announced today an all-new way to experience the Madden NFL franchise with Madden NFL Arcade – a fun, pick-up-and-play, 5-on-5 football game from EA Tiburon.

AFL Legacy Pack Now Available

Celebrate the 50th season of the American Football League (AFL) in Madden NFL 10 with AFL Legacy Pack game add-on; available now via download for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3.

Madden 10 AFL Legacy Pack Announced

This season marks the 50th season for the eight original American Football League (AFL) teams, and EA SPORTS is commemorating the celebration with the release of the AFL Legacy Pack game add-on for Madden NFL 10.