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FIFA 10 Xbox 360 Demo Users Impressions

  POSTED September 10 |   VIEWS 4395

Xbox 360 users are posting their impressions at EA Sports Official forums about FIFA 10 Demo. Find out what they like and dislike after playing a few times and check out their first thoughts about the game.


User mozZza posted 

"Best like defaintly so far are quick free kicks, no more silly cut scenes and you have the ability to take a quick free kick straight after the foul is commited.
Also the animation of the players are ALOT better than 09, it's alot more realistic and the defenders are alot better and less static.
360 dribbling is very very good, it looks like something you need to get good at and yes i tried it with messi and skipped past 3 players and rounded the keeper on world class. I can see it working well with tricks.
Player looks, alot of the players in fifa09 who looked terrible look amazing now. Del Piero for example.
It seems very easy too score and yes i am on world class, and im not sure if dislike or like this but crosses seem very wild and crossed a ball in from Atinlop and it sailed top corner over the keeper."


User berbatov93 posted after playing 5 games.

" Likes:
1) Players ball control
2) I noticed a new celebration
3) Obviously the kits are lovely to have
4) Under Team Management, the faces look amazing! They really are 10/10 from what i've seen of Chelsea and Barca.
5) Shooting is quick good
6) general game animations
7) Change kick taker/Corner kick taker is brilliant, no need to pause

1) No spurs in the demo! 
2) Lack of Nike boots!
3) Lampard in the arena!
4) can only use amatuer, GRR!

Final Thoughts:

I can't find any fualts so far, apart from the opposite team crossing in the ball, and me pressing towards to goal im attacking, and A. My player decided to pass it instead of head. Silly mistake if i was in a rank match or on something higher than Amatuer.

Honestly, it looks top notch thus far, ill be playing this for a long time, no doubt about it."


User Skunz2188 posted his impressions too

"the 360 dribbling feels sluggish and very similar to the way players moved with ball on Fifa 07.

setting shooting to assisted or manual seems to make little difference if your shooting from 25yards+

corners seem very easy, if you have a big guy in your team like Drogba then you will win the ball almost every time

goal keepers rush out all time, the minute you get in behind the defence and get one v one with the keeper he will start rushing out even if your 25 yards from goal making it very easy to just chip the keeper.

GK overall ratings, im sure this is just an error on the demo and will sorted before release.

ok so ive noted my dislikes heres a few likes

passing feels alot smooter but at the same easier making it easier to slice defences open.

the old run down the wing cut it back and score a 2 yard tap in seems to have being fixed, defenders will actually block the pass.

thats all i have to say atm, i will try and find a few more positves after ive played a few more games."


 User NicolasVH posted 


"I love it. I only played two games, but the difference between the build (June 24th) that I played and this one is huge. The problems that I had with the build I played are solved, being:

- Headers: works perfectly now, a lot more time-based and looks so realistic.

- CPU AI: I play on World Class and haven't scored a goal. Lost 0-1 with Chelsea against FCB and played 0-0 with Juventus against Marseille. But the attacks that (especially FCB) brought on the table were realistic. Now and then, they did something stupid, but still realistic. When in space, the CPU AI doesn't hesitate to shoot. Sometimes a good shot, sometimes wide. Just as it supposed to be.

- Penalty's: Can't explain really, but didn't feel 100% right in the build I played before. Completely fixed.

- Free-kicks: They were way too easy to score in the June build. The problem was the keepers that didn't run/dive immediately towards the ball. It's fixed. Hooray!

There are also a lot of new things, that I didn't experience before in the build. Like player when running past an opponent pass, trying to let their leg 'hang' to intercept a pass. Also, the referee animations trying to get clear of the ball, are new to me.

Although, there are some points that need fixing:

The framerate. It's even worse than in 09! But, in 09 it was only bad in a few stadiums. So it's probably the same in 10, with Wembley being a stadium that needs a lot of CPU power.

CPU CB's: They lose the ball way too easily when in possession. Sometimes leading to an open chance for me."



First Goal playing with Demo by user anthony



FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Available Now

Electronic Arts today announced that FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, the popular game mode expansion that creates a new way of playing the award-winning EA SPORTS FIFA 10, is available now to download for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Preview Video

Gamespot takes a look at the FIFA 10 Ultimate Team add on in their Daily Demo. Ultimate Team game mode expansion woññ be released in February 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

FIFA Soccer 10 Ultimate Team Videos

Ultimate Team game mode expansion will be released in February 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Like the previous version, the mode allows for the creation of a custom team based on the collection of various types of cards.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Trailer

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is a deeper, more authentic, more dynamic version of the game mode successfully introduced last year and enables fans to customize the way they build their Ultimate Team.

FIFA 10 Boot Center V 1.0

Hrvoje released his Boot Center for FIFA Soccer 10. With this tool you can export / import boots to FIFA Soccer 10. DOWNLOAD IT HERE In order this tool works properly you need to install : Microsoft . NET Framework 4 Beta 2.

Phase 2 of 2010 FIFA Interactive WC kicks off

Over 400,000 football gamers have played in the online competition of FIWC 2010 20 places still up for grabs for the FIWC Grand Final in Barcelona on 1 May 2010.