Real Shoes Patch V4

  POSTED May 14, 2010

xiajou released version 4.0 of his amazing Real Shoes Patch for NBA 2K10. Check out screenshots below.
This in an update for version 3.0 that you can download it here.

 Screenshots Gallery



1.Put the iff files in the FIRST folder into your 2k folder to make sure that there wont be white shoes to arrange the shoes?:Vlad Zola Jr.’s latest REDitor 0.7b3  ( we are not allowed to upload this tool to other host  )
Here is Vlad’s instruction :
(1) Put all the graphics files into your NBA 2K10 folder.
(2) Download the latest REDitor (0.7 beta1 or higher).
(3) Copy all *.TURK files to Folder: REDitorScripts.
(4) Run REDitor.
(5) Open the roster you would like to be patched in REDitor.
(6) Select in Main Menu of the REDitor "TURK".
(7) Run one-by-one all the 5 scripts - parts of the Shoes patch.
(8) It may take up to a minute to execute each part of the script, depending on your PC.
The program can be "stucked", don't worry about it.
(9) Save your Roster in REDitor.
(10) Run the game, load the roster.
(11) Enjoy the game!
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