Kean, Neymar or Mbappé? Team of the Week 5

PSG scored 4 against Dijon. Kean, Neymar, and Mbappé were the key players of their great performance. Could any of them get an In-Form? Probably. So let´s check out which one of them could be in the Week 5 TOTW.


Will Lewandowski get a second In-Form ?

Lewandowski is on fire. Today he scored another Hat-Trick. A new In-form could be coming next week when Team of the Week 5 will be announced. Check out how this item would look like.


Defy the Norm SBC

A new SBC related to Rulebreakers Promo. You can earn an UNTRADEABLE Rare Gold Pack. Check out requirements and what we got.


Pierre Kunde Malong Rulebreaker SBC

A new Rulebreaker SBC has been released. It´s for Pierre Kunde Malong, Mainz 05 CDM. 2 squads required ( 83 and 85 ). Check out requirements and review.


Sergio Ramos TOTW Prediction

Great match by Real Madrid's captain Sergio Ramos. Real Madrid victory 3-1 in the Spanish Derby will probably earn Sergio Ramos a new In-Form. Check out how this card would like.

NBA 2K10 Albys Realistic Roster V1

  POSTED March 21 |   VIEWS 6027

This is Albys Realistic Roster V1 for NBA 2K10, with new gameplay post-official patch. It includes rosters updated at 22 March 2010. New Tendencies, rotations, accessories, shoes, dunk packages, coach profiles, team playbooks, real contrats and more.


Complete update for 23 teams (from Sixers to Raptors):
new tendencies, 
overall players, 
dunk packages, 
coach profiles, 
team playbooks 
real contracts
and many more!

Partial uptades for other 7 teams:
All coach profiles,
sighshots and isomoves
real contracts
and some overall players and tendencies. 
Other works: soon (RR2)

Also fixed some bodies like DH12, Landry, JJ, Chuck Hayes, Bragnani and Belinelli, Rondo, George Hill (and others).

For great and realistic nba gameplay please use only Albys sliders (included) and these settings:

- All star or Superstar level. (All star level is already a good challenge!)
- 10 or 11 min/q
- Speed game: 46
- FT%: real
- FT diff: 75
- NBa Rules: all yes.
- Fouls:

  • 90
  • 90
  • 60
  • 70
  • 100

Please read file readme (included) 


NBA 2K10 Weekend Files

Do not miss the amazing NBA 2K10 Global V 2. 0 by fn11 ( Sweat, Hex pads, Socks, Eyes, Arm Sleeves, etc) as well as new Jerseys by Aar : Minesotta Timberwolves and Orlando Magic.

NBA 2K10 Friday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone. New Jerseys for Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, 76ers and more.

NBA 2K10 Wednesday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Magic Johnson Cyber Face BY : MGX NBA 2K10 Enhanced Player Model BY : TERRYBEGOOD NBA 2K10 Jerseys Pack V2 by Tha King BY : THA KING.

NBA 2K10 Sunday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Amway Center BY : RATED EJ Kevin Mc Hale 92 Cyber Face BY : MGX Larry Bird 92 Cyber Face BY : MGX DeMacus Cousins Cyber Face BY : KORESH_NIK John Wall Cyber Face BY : KORESH_NIK.

NBA 2K10 Saturday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Robert Parrish 1992 Cyber Face BY : MGX Utah Jazz 10-11 Court Floor BY : R4ZOR Monta Ellis Tattoo Update BY : KORESH_NIK.

NBA 2K10 Thursday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone NBA 2K10 Jerseys Pack by Tha King BY : THA KING Oklahoma Thunder Jerseys Update BY : AMAROWAADE Ford Center - Oklahoma Arena BY : AMAROWAADE.