TOTW Upgrade SBC

EA released a new SBC, this one will grant you a TOTW player from Week 1 to 5 or current TOTW. It is repeatable and it requires an 83 squad and its cost is around 12 K. Is it worth it? Let's find out.


Ones to Watch Weekend Report

Lukaku, Saul, Malen, and Tomori are closer to the Wins to Watch Upgrade. Two Ones to Watch Player could be included in the next TOTW and get a +1 overall rating boost.


4 new players added to Road to the Knockouts Team 2

This weekend 4 new players join the Road to the Knockouts Team 2. Renan Lodi, Arnold, Maehle, and Immobile are currently available in packs. Check out prices and reviews.


Politano Road to Knockouts SBC

Matteo Politano is back with another special card. This time is the Road to The Knockouts ( Europa League ). 2 squads are required in this SBC and a total value of around 60K. Check out requirements, solutions, and the review.


Road to the Knockouts Team 2

EA released the second Road to the Knockouts Team. It includes Reus, Werner, De Jong, Fred, and Jesús Navas are among the top players. Check out the players, current price and review.

NCAA 2K10 Mod Final Version Released

  POSTED March 17 |   VIEWS 9349

 Byczek, koresh_NIK and JaoSming from NLSC released the final version of their NCAA ( College Hoops 2K10 ) Mod for NBA 2K10. This one includes the following teams : Michigan State, Purdue, West Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Duke, Connecticut, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio State and Syracuse.


How to install

1) We suggest you to duplicate your NBA 2K10 game. Copy and paste your game folder and then rename it to NCAA 2K10. This way you will keep intact your NBA 2K10.
2) Uncompress rar and you will find 4 main folders.
2a) NBA 2K10 : copy files from this folder to your NCAA 2K10 folder.
2b) Rosters and Sliders : copy files from this folder to 
Windows XP
Copy to C: / Documents and Settings / [USER] / Application Data / 2K Sports /NBA 2K10 / Saves
Windows Vista - 7
C: / Users / [USER] /AppData / Roaming / 2K Sports / NBA 2K10 / Saves
2c) Final Four Arena / NCAA Arena ( It depends if you´d like Final Four Arena or NCAA One )
Copy files to your NCAA 2K10 folder 11 times and rename it like this
for Michigan State
  • dornaxxx to ddorna005
  • fxxx to f005
  • sxxx to s005
Do the same all the 11 teams renaming to numbers
008 Purdue
009 West Virginia
011 Villanova
014 Kansas
016 Duke
017 Connecticut
019 North Carolina
026 Texas
027 Kentucky
028 Ohio State
029 Syracuse
2d) There are other folders named
  • alternate accesories
  • alternate jerseys not used
  • away accesories
Their content is optional to use or not. Files go to NCAA 2K10 main folder you have created.
Official Thread

NBA 2K10 Weekend Files

Do not miss the amazing NBA 2K10 Global V 2. 0 by fn11 ( Sweat, Hex pads, Socks, Eyes, Arm Sleeves, etc) as well as new Jerseys by Aar : Minesotta Timberwolves and Orlando Magic.

NBA 2K10 Friday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone. New Jerseys for Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, 76ers and more.

NBA 2K10 Wednesday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Magic Johnson Cyber Face BY : MGX NBA 2K10 Enhanced Player Model BY : TERRYBEGOOD NBA 2K10 Jerseys Pack V2 by Tha King BY : THA KING.

NBA 2K10 Sunday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Amway Center BY : RATED EJ Kevin Mc Hale 92 Cyber Face BY : MGX Larry Bird 92 Cyber Face BY : MGX DeMacus Cousins Cyber Face BY : KORESH_NIK John Wall Cyber Face BY : KORESH_NIK.

NBA 2K10 Saturday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone Robert Parrish 1992 Cyber Face BY : MGX Utah Jazz 10-11 Court Floor BY : R4ZOR Monta Ellis Tattoo Update BY : KORESH_NIK.

NBA 2K10 Thursday Files

More files for NBA 2K10 have been added to our Download Zone NBA 2K10 Jerseys Pack by Tha King BY : THA KING Oklahoma Thunder Jerseys Update BY : AMAROWAADE Ford Center - Oklahoma Arena BY : AMAROWAADE.