interview Seabass

  POSTED September 02, 2009

Another Seabass interview, this one from Seabass talked about philosophy, frame rate issues, and new implementations in the game and he also talks about his favourite football team. I guess Forzaroma won´t be happy with Seabass  . Read the whole interview here

 Seabass: My favourite team is Lazio and my favourite player is Foggia. As you mentioned, if I wished I could improve the statistics, but I don't do anything unfair. Why is Lazio your favourite football team?

Seabass: In previous seasons they had a lot of stars, so I was watching and very much impressed. However, as time went on the team wasn't doing very well. But I was still impressed with the way the team was fighting and playing, so the team became my favourite. In the game I used to play with Inter, however, the team has become very strong so I thought it might be unfair to use such a strong team, so I changed. 


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