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Database patch for a better gameplay! (v. 0.5) By Miketheslu

Miketheslummy | March 25 2011 | 13959 hits

I started working for a while 'sull'option PES file and list of changes I propose this be done very easily with the pes editor or the like.
The idea is to try to improve the gameplay of the game by varying the attributes of the players, operation neither new nor unknown to most. Not only that, I have gone to tweak the sliders team to try to get a more realistic behavior in the field of the opposing team (and themselves). The basic idea is still to make more convincing the behavior of the PC especially in attack.
If you are interested, take a chance on my work and above all to help me improve!

Here are the changes role by role with some brief explanation if necessary.
+ 5 form (to prevent the master league goalies get tired nonsense)
-10 Response

Response +8 (increased responsiveness that is what is lacking in defenders of PES. It is known for its strength in the tackle or the ability to remove the ball)
-15 Defense
Balance -10 (This will avoid physical fights in melee defender has always prevailed. Messi can not be stopped by anyone)
Remove all the defenders for the skill card 1) Man Marking 2) Enforcer

Aggression -5 (the parameter is not absolutely rule aggression in the tackle but the tendency to push off the ball in space)
Giving all the skill Man Marking

Remove all the skill Box to Box

Aggression -8 (how many times you see in the game by default Gattuso and other flying away towards the opponent's goal area and staying in more and more seconds?)

WF and SM
Aggression +10 (obvious reasons)
Dribble accuracy +5 (try to facilitate the dribble from the cpu)
Giving all the skill 1) Mazing run 2) Box to box

Dribble accuracy +5
Shot tecnique +5 (I do not care that the PC pulls strong, I am interested first of all you learn to kick, he does not know what to do if it is not perfectly perpendicular to the door)

CF and SS
Aggression +10
Dribble accuracy +5
+5 Shot Technique

Now we turn to the parameters to be changed uniformly for all players of the game
Attack +10
Stamina -5 (I wish he felt more tired in the game, but X do more later I will also reduce the value of that mentality is crucial in relation to stamina)
Form +1
Long pass speed -7 (I think obvious reasons)
Short pass speed -5
Teamwork +15 (interaction between players should be improved!)
Power Shot -7

The following values are instead to be given only to players that exceed the value indicated by me. (It's very easy to do the operation with peseditor that easily allows you to narrow the circle of players who apply the change).

CF and SS with a value exceeding 1950
Give skill 1) marauding 2) Finish 1 on 1

All players with a value exceeding 2050
Technique +5

All players with a value of more than 2020
Dribble speed +5
All players with less than 2020
Dribble speed +3

It is not over yet. Now to the slider as a team.

Position switch -45 (help the very compactness of the team that too often flickers to the field)
Player support -15
Pressing -10 (I have some doubts about this value. Lifting in fact there are more spaces for all human and cpu that it posono benefit. The downside is too detached, however, a team so I prefer to lower it).

Ok ... I'm done. Now pass the ball to you and ask you to help improve this setting.
Tell me what's wrong, especially what's wrong and I'll try to lose out on their hands to file something. Personally I find the experience of the game this way in any event more enjoyable ... and I hope will be true for you.
Greetings to all and good day!

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